Teaching Opportunities in Invisible Schools

More Mainland (PRC) teaching opportunities may be opening up!

[quote]Invisible Schoolteachers
By Qiang Liu, 18 Jul 2006

Few people believe that private schools exist in the impoverished, rural areas of China. Private schools are normally assumed to be only for the rich, situated in the developed cities. Moreover, most education in China is administrated and funded by the central government, which leads people to believe that there was little or no private education – especially for the poor. And development experts have largely ignored private schools for the poor as an irrelevancy, so no outside statistics on the subject have been available.

Until recently, that is.

An Official from the DfID (Department for International Development, UK), who was working closely with local government in Gansu Province, one of the poorest provinces in China, told Professor James Tooley (Director of the E.G. West Centre) that there were definitely no private schools in the poor areas where they were working. Furthermore, officials in the Education Bureau of Gansu Province in Lan Zhou city told him that the existence of private schools for the poor was “logically” impossible – because China has universal public education, and the poor wouldn’t waste their limited resources on education. However, he wanted to see for himself.