Teaching Positions in Kaohsiung


I am new to Taiwan and looking for a ESL position. I have spent a few days in Taipei and think the city is great. However, my preference is to find a teaching position in the coastal Kaohsiung district since I enjoy scuba diving. I have been looking at a few sites not seen many advertisments for teaching positions for Koahsiung. Does anyone know where to find schools in that area of Taiwan? Or perhaps it would best to there there and search for a job in person. Again, I am not familiar with the area, so I will need to plan out where to go.

You pretty much want to be in Kaohsiung to apply for positions. If you want to apply online then apply at all of the big chains and ask for a Kaohsiung placement. Here is a yahoo group that has some job postings - groups.yahoo.com/group/KaohsiungLiving_com/ the best way to apply for positions is to walk into schools handing out resumes.

There is no scuba diving in Kaohsiung. If you are going to scuba dive then you need to go to Kending or a few other places but you’re closer to Kending in Kaohsiung than most places.

Yea, you need to be here as you will need to go to interviews.

I also scuba dive and it usually takes me an hour and a half to drive from northern Kaohsiung to Kenting.
Always looking for buddies so if you come here message me.

An hour and a half! Jesus! Get many speeding tickets?