Teaching privately or what?

I have been here for 3 years and I am getting married to a local hottie in a couple of months. My question to you fine individuals here at Forumosa is… What now? After I get my JFRV I can do whatever I want.(teaching that is), so would like to hear opinions about teaching part-time, full time, private teaching, etc.
What’s the best way to make money, but have enough time to enjoy life?
I’m thinking part-time with privates is the way to go, but I’m interested in what you guys think.


Yeah, we’re going to need independent confirmation from our panel of judges. Pics, please. :howyoudoin:

You can make a very nice income doing that. Not much for building a career/future, but a good option for a year or two.

Congratulations on the marriage! :bravo: :rainbow:

Personally, if you can find enough of them, teaching privately is the way to go. Less headaches but they are very unreliable. Groups are great, but difficult to find sometimes. If you enjoy a high standard of living, like I do, teaching full time keeps guaranteed money in your pocket every month and still lets you save a bit, too. What does your future wife think? Congrats on the wedding. :bravo:

Privates pay for expenses and legal work is for saving always worked well for me when I was teaching.

21NTW to 1USD always worked well for me also when I was teaching. :laughing: