Teaching Privates: So, what's the going rate?

I’m looking at the possibilities of expanding to do privates. I realize there’s no science to this, but I would like people’s thoughts:

  1. How much an hour to teach adults? A different rate for children?

  2. Should I charge by the student? If a new student joins, should it be cheaper for everyone?

  3. Pay as you go or pay in advance?

  4. Any suggestions/warnings/comments/ridicule?

I need to give quotes soon, so if you’re considering giving you two bits, please do!

Thank you much in advance!


Psst…Please do a search, there has been many threads with sound advice about privates. :wink:

Hi Trep,

  1. You can use my site as a guide for prices. You can look for tutors that are similarly qualified and in similar locations to get an idea of the going rate.

  2. Charging per student or per lesson is entirely up to you. I know people that have a fixed hourly rate no matter how big or small the class is and I know people that charge per student but keep a minimum rate as a safeguard.

  3. Being paid in advance has the advantage of students cancelling fewer classes. Payment in advance for a month’s worth of classes is common. Make sure that you give them a reasonable cancellation policy, i.e. 24 or 48 hours notice to reschedule a class.

  4. Avoid doing too much free conversation. It’s an easy trap to slip into, but after two or three classes of it you’ll have nothing left to talk about and no way to get back on track. Structure your lessons for your student’s benefit and yours!

Hope this helps.

Actually, I caught alot of the earlier discussions, but figured prices flux with season, year, etc. Thankyou for the site, myury. Very Helpful! :slight_smile: