Teaching qualifications vs other non specific degrees

I would really like to know what is the opinions out there about the difference between someone who studied teaching and someone, FOR INSTANCE, who studied economics and who is teaching English in Taiwan.

What do you think should be the salary of a person working fulltime in Kindergarten and who is a qualified teacher vs a person who is not a qualified teacher? :?

Now I know about the differing living costs in different regions - so please specify the salary and the region.

If you know about hourly buxy ban rates then you could add that to.

I take it you are talking about Republic of China Nationals here, as you refer to qualified teachers. I don’t know what they earn for kindergarten work.
One of the qualifications for teaching in a kindergarten is to be an ROC native, so if you are not an ROC native, you cannot be a qualified teacher, therefore your question becomes moot.
Even of you have your PhD in early childhood ESL learning, you are no more qualified to teach kindy in Taiwan than Joe Blow with his art civilization BA.
As for buxiban teaching, I believe a BA is the requirement for foreign teachers. It doesn’t matter what the BA is in.

Am I the only one to think that Taiwan has a lot of things backwards?

It just doesn’t make any sense that in their eyes there is no difference to one who was specificaly trained as a teacher and one who was not. Even if it was outside of the ROC. :shock:

I would guess that people qualified to teach in public schools and universities in their home country wouldn’t bother with the dog and pony show of teaching ESL overseas. And the pay, with government benefits and tenure and all that, makes it more worthwhile to stay home, too.