Teaching situation in Taiwan

I am comming to Taiwan in a few weeks. I had originally intended to wander around and hand out resumes, but some posters on Formosa and ESLCafe are saying that the job situation is very tight right now.

I am a 26 year old Canadian, with a B.Sc. in Computer Science and a TEFOL certificate.

How hard is finding work in Taiwan right now?
Is Taipei still the best spot for a newbie to start out?
Do you have any other job seeking advice?


The job situation is tighter now than it used to be. A year ago you’d see dozens of ads every day in the English papers for teachers; now some days there aren’t any. My advice is to set up a job with one of the big chain schools before you come over.

It’s also mid semester for most schools. So not a lot of turn over. In the not so distant future many foreigners will be heading back home so look for the market to pick up. Sometime around June to September.

There is still hope. Just be patient and wait. Don’t take a job with a big chain unless all else fails. Find a place and go door to door. You’ll get lucky sooner or later. I’d think about 2 weeks if you really look hard.

The newspaper, while entertaining, is not the best source for jobs I think. Too many people read it and apply for the same jobs. thats why you should go door to door.


Go door to door. And don’t look in places where everyone is. Go down south, to one of the medium-sized towns where there are never enough foreigners, like Fengyuan, Changhua, Chiayi, Yuanlin, etc. There are tons of schools, and they all need people.