Teaching spanish or IT related jobs

How’re all you guys?

Firstly, I’m gonna introduce myself since I’ve just entered into the community (I was trying to find an introduction section but didn’t find it). I’m Mario, Spaniard, 20 years old.

Secondly, I wanna say congratulations for this page, which is so amazing helpful and it’s the best place I’ve known for westerns meeting in Taiwan.

The thing is that I’m going to Taiwan next year, probably in July or August, I’m gonna study 1 year chinese and later on I’ll study a degree of computer science. This course I’m finishing… ummm, how should I say that… it’s a kind of vocational school, technical school… it’s often common in european countries, maybe some of you know about it. And, in my case, it’s dedicated to programming.

I’m having some savings since I’m working in Spain and… I’m planning to survive for some time in Taiwan (enough for learning chinese) and after that finding a job, I’m going to Kaohsiung. Then, my questions are:

-Do you know how easy or hard is finding a job for teaching spanish in Taiwan?
-Do you think my qualifications are enough for programming in Taiwan? I mean, I know there won’t be such validation for my studies in Taiwan so… I think if I haven’t a degree I hardly will be able to it, but I’m not sure about that… just guessing.

I’ve been in Taiwan a couple of times for visit.