Teaching with an Associates Degree

Hi everyone,

My sister is thinking of moving to Taiwan to teach in the future, but she currently only holds an Associates degree. Anyone know if that would be an issue? would school’s frown upon that or would they hire her? I have a bachelors and got along fine, but I don’t want her to make the leap and be jobless.

I doubt she will find a job here w just an associates degree. Ive been looking for 2 months with a bachelors including pounding the pavement and have yet to get any leads. Are you guys white? It’s an advantage I don’t have.

Yes we are white and yes it’s an unfair advantage. I’ve read in other places that an associates + a TEFL will get you work. I know lots of foreigners have been moving here adding to the competition

Yea that could work

They just got to “feel” comfortable with you and pass some ridiculous trial classroom of you teaching some course. I’m not a teacher, but yes it can be done. Don’t expect 40 hours… more like 3 hours a week… can you live on that… probably not. How long on 3 hours of teaching a week, who knows, depends on the school. Tell you sister to get ready to be miserable.

With a normal work permit, a buxiban teacher must have between 14 and 32 hours per week of teaching-related duties. Each additional job (with an additional work permit) must have at least 6 hours per week, not exceeding the total between all (teaching) jobs of 32 hours per week.

Thus the reason, alot dont get work permits… and get shuffled into 3 hour work weeks.
Just saying… but your information is very valid. I am being a negative nancy because Id hate for this girl to come here and expect it to be rainbows and puppies from heaven.

HESS will hire you with an associates degree + TEFL, and they always need new teachers. Only thing is you don’t know what kind of branch you’ll get and which city they will place you in, lots of good and bad branches out there.

@Zapman good to know, thanks guys. I’ll relay the info

I have an associate’s degree, and I also got my TEFL thorugh the University of Toronto…I have been offered many jobs, had many to choose from, am working, and am still being offered jobs.

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