Tealit Group site

Ahhhh. I cant find the group site for Tealit chatters. Its not part of the tealit website, and I did searches galore. Anyone know the link?


“Group Site”? Do you mean the forums: tealit.com/forum/ there’s a link to it on the front page near the bottom of the navigation menu

I think one of the chatters set up the site. It might be on Yahoo! but I cant find it. It has lots of photos of people, bios and a message board.


Tealit probably had it deleted, like they do with everything else moderately useful anywhere near their site.

…which begs the question -How many times have you had a post deleted from Teashite.com?

5 or 6 so far, ranging from “Where do I find blah, blah ,blah?” to “Help!” Never over the line or offensive.

Those suckers :raspberry: just seem to delete stuff as they wish.

Thank you Forumosa and the Ho! for not deleting anything :notworthy:

I agree completely. Tealit’s censorship is totally over the top. What’s even more outrageous is when they don’t simply delete your post. I think I’ve written about this before, but a while back I posted something on their site to answer someone’s question. Nothing offensive, just answering a question. I came back to the site a while later to find tealit had edited my post. Not only had they deleted part of what I had written, they actually added material to my post. In the end, my post was totally unrecognizable. I emailed them and asked them to delete the post, as it did not contain my words and, thus was not what I had intended to say. They never answered. That site is weird. I swear it’s monitored by censors from the mainland!