Team Taiwan's road to 2020 Tokyo Olympics (baseball)

Cmon guys, string some hits together.

Good choice manager to give Kanu more innings. Now let’s get some hits.

What is up with our bats???

We were hitting well 2015 Premier 12 and 2027 classic.

Mexican pitchers are amazeballs. With the exception of that 1 dude those walked Lin Hong-yu then almost gave up a hit to Chen Jun-hsiu, but didn’t because of crazy infield shift, most pitchers from the bull pen pitched above 150 and were able to locate the outside corner with a laser with both fastball and curve/other pitchers.

The umpire liked the outside pitchers today. That also didn’t help matters.

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But we couldn’t hit Venezuela or Puerto Rico either.

Coach said he knew that. Why didn’t he choose more players with experience hitting American pitchers?

We hit pretty well 2015 P12 and 2017 WBC. We had 國輝,智勝,智賢.

Kao Kuo-Hui hasn’t been the same since his injury 2 years ago, he only played 50 games with 176 PA this year. He finally looks like he’s back to form, but I think there’s too little number to show that he’s really ok now.

Chiang is pretty much in the same position. He only played 66 games, with 245 PAs, and an OPS+ of 128.3.

Ngayaw Age’ on the other hand played more games, had an OPS+ of 124.5, but his injuries have also slowed him down at first base, and
you can hardly say he has more experience hitting American pitchers.

Especially not when we already have Chen Chun-Hsiu at first base, who actually played in the tripple A and was the batter with the second highers OPS+, 168.8, this year.

Thanks for the info. I fit your profile of a female baseball fan, I watch basically only the national team.

Ake also wouldn’t play for Hong.

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Maybe Tzuwei Lin and Yu Chang can come play for us in the 2021 WBC and get our bats rolling.

For this tournament, finishing in the final four or five is enough of a victory for now.

Also, even among those who have experience hitting American pitching, he didn’t play them half the time. Daheq is up with that.

Also, kudos to Chien-min Wang for recruiting 江and 胡 to pitch.

All coach Hong seems to care about is platooning.

Premier 12, Australia just walked Japan with the bases loaded and gave Japan a one run lead.

Chinese Taipei Taiwan Korea tomorrow

Chinese Taipei Taiwan USA Friday noon.

There are obvious holes in overall hitter abilities because the lack of quality pitchers in the CPBL. There are very few pitchers that can go over 150 and very few pitchers with great vertical breaking balls.

So good hitters just have to wait until late innings when the import pitchers get relieved and punish the opposing bull pen.

They can’t do the same in international tournaments, and every team seems to know just how to keep Taiwan’s bats silent.

Taiwan will play Korea tomorrow at 6PM Taiwan time. It’s do or die. Lose this one and it’s pretty much down to the 1 out of 6 tournament for the last ticket.

I’m sorry, did you just call us Chinese Taipei?



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Not me, them.

You repeated it. Don’t repeat it when they say it.


Taipei is down 0-2 and sounds like needs to win against Korea tonight to stay in running for Tokyo.

Not only does Taiwan absolutely need to win against Korea tonight, it must also count on other teams to give Korea at least 1 defeat, assuming Taiwan wins all of the following games.

Do the Finals’ results matter for Tokyo or is it only the finishing order of the Super Round?

Even with a loss to S.Korea, could TW still qualify if they were somehow able to finish in 4th place and S.Korea 3rd and they won the rematch in the bronze medal game?