Tech industry- average bonus poll

If you work in the Taiwanese tech industry as a foreigner, what’s your average annual bonus?

The poll below is anonymous.

For some reference my old company had 3 annual bonuses of usually 75% monthly salary, which is 2.25 months of bonus per year. My new company, where I have yet to receive a bonus claims the average is 4-5 months of bonus per year. Yes, I’m aware that an average can’t also be a range, explain it to Taiwanese, not me. Not sure if that’s high or not.

  • Around 1 months (of salary) bonus p/y
  • Around 2 months (of salary) bonus p/y
  • Around 3 months (of salary) bonus p/y
  • Around 4 months (of salary) bonus p/y
  • Around 5 months (of salary) bonus p/y
  • Around 6 months (of salary) bonus p/y
  • Around 7 months (of salary) bonus p/y
  • Around 8 months (of salary) bonus p/y
  • More than 8 months (of salary) bonus p/y

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Why is there no option for no bonus? “Bonus” is probably the wrong word anyway. You should be asking how much salary the company holds hostage.

Never heard of a Taiwanese tech company that didn’t give a bonus for regular full time staff. In fact, by law they have to give a Chinese New Year bonus.

I work for a Taiwanese tech company. 1 year I didn’t get any bonus at all, and the next 2 years I got less than 1 week’s salary bonus.

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Are these the guys you have been fighting with over tax withheld amounts—and the place you plan to quit? If so, whoops. :grimacing:


By what law? It’s not mandated unless it’s in your contract.

I’m not gonna go looking for it now, but it’s part of the labor law that companies have to share some of their profits with employees at CNY, or something like that

Yeah. I’ve been here a year now and plan to leave soon. I get my first bonus next week, and from what I’ve heard it should be about 3 months pay.

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3 months pay not too shabby! Buy us all beers.

Somebody got 8 months bonus, welcome Evergreen staff lol.

I work in a technologically advanced area but not techy stuff per se.
In my job the most I can get is about 30% but that’s including stocks. Been able to get it a fair number of years. Take out stocks it’s 15%. I could move to a sales type comp but the lows cancel the highs I feel. Taiwanese companies CAN pay the biggest bonuses but also the dodgiest in terms of how they cut your base and other shennanigans.

My company averages 5 months bonus months per year. Roughly 2 months at Moon Festival and roughly 3 months at CNY. It fluctuates slightly based on personal performance and company performance.


sounds like a myth :slight_smile:
the last thing i can imagine is TW lawmakers making employers pay anything… after all, these are the same law makers that dont change vacation days, pension or the stupid make up days on Saturdays.
If there was such a law, employers would probably make it a 3,000 nt bonus, not 3 minths salary.

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It’s definitely in there, I’ve read it with my own eyes (a couple years ago albeit). There was no dollar amount, just that it is required