Tech startup ideas?

Hi, I’m moving to Taiwan soon and planning to create a tech startup. Any problems that need solving through software? I’m working on my real estate tech startup here in Philippines so problems related to real estate would be ideal. I would not exclude other industries though. Thank you so much!

What percent ownership are you offering to the person who generates the idea for your tech startup? Or is it just a flat fee kind of arrangement that you’re suggesting?


Real estate prices are very high. Please solve the problem!


Get me some friendly neighbours. Tired of the passive aggressive cold moaners.


Can you fix the people burning paper in front of their houses all the time through software? Thanks


Get a real estate license first? Think Uber, Taiwan’s taxi drivers and givernment weren’t too happy with Uber operating without a taxi lcense.

hi @Belgian_Pie, i’m not sure if ill be eligible. i’m approaching it on the tech side so think i won’t be needing one. for example, there are other startups that provide tools like AR/VR viewing of properties for agents to share to clients. thank you.