Technical writer position interview

For those who had interviews for technical writer position in the past, did you get any test during the interview seesions? Were you asked to write a sample or something? Thanks.

No (2 interviews in different companies), but I’ve heard of others who did.

If it was me doing the interview, I certainly would throw in a test, or at least ask for a sample.


yes it’s almost obligatory to submit a test piece or do one live…

after all you need to prove you can actually string a sentence together at the very least…

What kind of test would there be though? :unamused: Would it be writing a simple guide for a function in the software, test for grammer, or simply write an article about a given topic?

Maybe all of the above?

I did and i had examples to show.

It was a user manual and I had to write a toc and introduction.