Technics 1200 pitch knob

I’d like to walk in and buy parts for a Technics turntable. I’ll settle for a place that I can order it through though.

If you have any clever ideas… please let me know.



Like this?

This seems to be the best on-line option, though ironically I don’t think they have any knobs. Also, I’m not sure if they would send to Taiwan:

The pic of the knob comes from a UK site that doesn’t sell outside of the UK. However, if you knew someone who would post it across…

Third option (just for the knob). Buy a very similar, but not the same, one from the computer market. I know just the shop.

Forth option. Find a shop near Taipei Main Station to help you out. I’m sure if you’re going to find something, it will be around there.

Yep, that’s the one. I’ve found in online and on ebay without a problem but I’d like to do it locally.

I can speak chinese but I still don’t know how I can flip open a phone book and call a couple shops.

Where’s that shop you knew of? I’d like to know for future projects

Thanks Stu,



Where’s that shop you knew of? I’d like to know for future projects

Thanks Stu,


Well, it’s an electronics shop in B1 of the underground market diagonally opposite where the recently-destroyed computer market was. In fact there are several shops in there you could wander round for the closest match. They have a lot of knobs, and I’m sure I’ve seen some slider knobs there too. There’s also an electronics shop in Taipei City Mall, with quite a few different knobs.

I do think your best bet for proper Technics parts may well lie close to Taipei Main Station though (heading W-N-W about a block or two if I remember rightly. There are a few Hi-Fi shops). I’m afraid my geography/memory sucks, so you’d just have to do some exploring.