TECO address in Hong Kong?

I’ve been searching the Internet and surprised to find NO info on TECO’s Hong Kong office. Like, what is the address? What is their phone number? How do I get there? What paperwork do they want to see for various visas?

Does anybody know where I can find this basic information???

This thread (and the thread contained inside) gives you all the info you need, but the office (which I don’t think is a TECO, but a travel agency) is in the lippo tower


Good luck

Take the MTR to Admiralty and then follow the signs out of the station.

If you’re going between January 3rd and 6th, then I’ll take you there. PM me if you need help. Otherwise, good luck. :smiley:

Assuming you need to get a Taiwanese visa, go to:
Chung Hwa Travel Service
40F Lippo Tower
No. 89 Queensway
Hong Kong

Mon-Fri 0900-1300 1400-1700
Sat 0900-1200

This is the official office for issuing visas. There is another office to handle Taiwan’s affairs in HK but I can’t remember the name.

Remember to go there early, very early, (like before 9am) or wait in line.

When you get there, take two tickets immediately instead of waiting until you’ve finished form-filling. The second ticket is so you can pass on the Dragon Lady if she calls your first number.

You’ll know who she is :wink:

Oh yeah, I had forgotten about her… ha ha! Definately take two tickets!!

Thanks everybody! This helps a bunch. Wish me luck… :smiley: