Teenager quits school to go pro in guitar hero

A kid apparently was able to convince his parents to let him quit school so he can go fulltime competing at GuitarHero.

He’s still being homeschooled it seems

Peebles, who’s receiving at-home tuition in lieu of his schooling, puts himself among the top 15 or 20 Guitar Hero players in the country, and has racked up about $1000 in prizes so far.[/quote]

Apparently, it didn’t take much to convince his parents.

[quote]“We couldn’t take the complaining anymore,” Peebles’ mother Hunter told the News & Observer. “He always told me he thought school was a waste of time.” [/quote].

videogames.yahoo.com/feature/16- … me/1238119

Absolutely what this country needs. Another widdly widdly weeee guy. Yay!

At least he’s 16. Let’s hope the authorities didn’t lie about his age.
God forbid if he was a 14 year old kid :slight_smile:

damn, $1000 in 11 months. who needs school!