TEFL market trends/spigots 2020

Surely Vietnam will open the schools soon no?

There are considerably worse places to be while waiting. I wish I was there.

Taoyuan…Hanoi, Taoyuan…Hanoi?


The government tells you everything last minute. Earliest is one month for HCMC but it seems essential classes will take precedence so I don’t know if my company that contracts teachers to public schools for Math/Science classes in English will be given a contract then. It’s a very uncertain situation here. Recently on social media there was an emaciated 53 year old British teacher holding a sign asking for 8$ for the day. There’s no work.

If I wasn’t getting the economic stimulus from my government, I’d be in the same situation.

Jesus I’m exactly 53. There but for the grace etc.

No kidding. I could be having banh mi and bia hoi right now.


How nice must Hoi An be right now with no tourists?


I’d say there are many buxiban laobans out there having heart attacks and needing to be nice to staff for once.


I did 2 hours yesterday at 2k an hour. I didn’t land the gig, it was offered to me. This has never happened before. I had to turn down a 1.5k an hour gig a couple of days ago.

Shows how much leverage the hard-up buxiban owners have when forced.

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Do you think the ESL job market here is opening up again since the spigot of incoming FOBs from overseas has been turned off indefinitely?

They can’t pull the usual trick of getting in fresh meat from newbies or tricking teachers to take jobs and have them realize a few months later they are taking the piss.

For once many schools and buxibans have to put in an effort to reduce their turnover rate since no new meat is coming in. Might teach them a lesson in how to treat their workforce.

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I just learned a new word. Spigot.

I don’t know. It feels like pay rates are going up, but that’s just personal experience in the Venice of the East (Taoyuan). At the end of the day buxiban owners need a pulse at the front of class, or they make nothing.


I charge by the word. That’ll be 10 NTD, please.


A spigot of FNGs.
Like a murder of crows or a pod of whales.

I like it. :+1:


Really? No judgments, but I feel like that’s pretty common. Less so in your neck of the woods?

This seems a bit optimistic. :sunglasses:

I’ve heard it before I think, but not known its meaning. It’s North American English I assume. Like kittycorner.

EDIT: No, it’s British. I just didn’t know. I shall have my coolie thrash me.


A man can dream, a man can dream!

I think you mean katty wampus



Oxford Dictionary says :

    1. a small peg or plug, especially for insertion into the vent of a cask.
    1. a tap.