TEFL/TESOL Courses in Taiwan?

[quote=“Alien [in another thread]”]you will need some kind of certificate such as RSA, DELTA, CELTA or TESOL.
Unfortunately, you cannot do these courses in Taiwan if you’re foreign,somebody prove me wrong[/quote]

There’s a notice on the notice board at CLD saying you can.

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I used to have a flyer about some Canadian school giving certificates after completing their course, here in Taiwan. The price wasn’t so bad, but I believe it was 6 weeks or so.

Amos, are you referring to a CLD website or an actual bulletin board? I am quite interested in getting one myself.

Referring to their Language School bulletin board. Will re-post on Wed or Thursday to let you know where it’s offered from.

Cheers Amos.

Unfortunately, you cannot do these courses in Taiwan if you’re foreign (somebody prove me wrong).

I believe that the Canadian Institute of English Hold TESOL courses in Taiwan. I heard rumours that there might be one around July (only heard).
Apparently there is also an opportunity to get a long distance degree.
But rather than me misinform you all here’s the address:

Yeah sorry about that guys, I was sure I saw an advert for the CELTA, or it’s like on the notice board, yet when I went in to check it, the only thing being advertised was somebody trying to flog off a dvd player, tv and couple of bedside tables. Even a google search came up blank.

It’s actually quite amazing that one of the Uni’s don’t get a course running. When I did the CELTA back home it was pretty tightly and effeciently run and operated under Cambriges watchful eyes, so dunno how easy it would be to start that’s all.


I am interested in being a children’s English teacher, but as English is my second language and I have not majored in English, I would need to take some training classes in order to be a qualified English teacher. I have found some good cram schools, which have varied fee structures for their classes. If anyone has experience with these schools, I would appreciate any comments or recommendations with regards to these schools, such as Gram English school, Giraffe… Thanks for your time, Jennifer

Are these general English courses or courses on teaching English?

Please check the archives.


I wrote asking for some advice about training courses for teaching English, as I’ve found that different schools have varying fee structures for the classes.

Gram English School and Giraffe offer this course at a cost of $12000, but the same course at NTUT is $18000. The difference in price makes me question whether one or the other carries greater weight in terms of qualification and job prospects.

PS: I made a mistake on my post saying that English is my second language. I should just say English it is not my primary lanuage. I speak Mandarin and Taiwanese. What I meant to say was English is not my second lanuage.

I don’t know much (anything!) about that kind of course. You might be able to get better feedback from other Taiwanese English teachers. Have we got any of those (local non-native speaking English teachers, that is) here who frequent this forum?

Please share whatever you find out or tell us how it goes if you decide to take such a course. I’d like to hear how effective such programs are. How’s the quality? Does it really help people get teaching jobs?

What’s available ? Am I correct in thinking: CELTA - no DELTA - yes MAs - aren’t you doing one Alien ?

I’ve got a TESOL cert. but I’m interested in taking the apparently superior CELTA course. I figure I can charge more for tutoring if I have more qualifications to flash around. Can I take the course here in Taiwan? Do any of ya fine folks have some contact info on it? thanks

While it’s always good to learn new things, I don’t think “more qualifications” are going to affect how much you can charge. Good teaching and reliability will though.

Just my two NT$.

If you’ve got the Trinity TESOL Cert, I’m not sure you’d benefit greatly from doing the Cambridge one as well. I thought they were pretty similar ? I would agree with Feiren that you probably won’t be able to charge more.

As a matter of fact there is no institution offering the CELTA course in Taiwan. Qingdao is the nearest place that I know of where you can take it, but there’s probably a closer one in Japan.

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Why does this same thread show up for three diffrent Subjects:

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They have been merged into one topic because they deal with the same subject. The “shadow” topic subject lines have been left intact so that links to those topics will still work. This subject is essentially “can I do the CELTA in Taiwan, or what teacher ttraining can I do ?” There is another merged thread on whether the CELTA is worth doing.

The British Council offers a distance learning TESOL diploma here. It’s probably the RSA Dip. but I’m not sure. You can also use their facilities if you register for it.

Yes, Hex. I’m doing the Aston MSc TESOL/TESP.

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