I posted this on Dave’s too…

Have any of you heard of TEFLone?


See, I applied at Shane and sent them my resume (via their email and website), but I got an email back from this TEFLone (with a TEFLone email) giving me information on the school and asking me for my resume again as well as a copy of my passport and university degree.

Now obviously, I am NOT emailing him a copy of my passport and degree, but I’m a little upset. I mean I knew trickery was involved in Taiwan, but I wasn’t expecting it like this? Well, maybe I was, I don’t know…

Is it normal (I know it’s not normal for people to ask for copies of passport and degree emailed to them…unless something is shady) for me to send my email to the school and then get an email back from some “placement service” ?

Or am I being paranoid??

Well, thanks anyway


Also posted on Dave’s…

OK, so I did some researching and the name on the email seems legit, but like I asked above…

is it normal to email these schools copies of your passport and degree? And if you do (or have) will writing on it still help from ID theft or is that not true either?

I feel like such an idiot asking this, but I just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing…

P.S. I’m sorry for all this and I just want to say thanks for reading my posts at least :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s normal. Sounds wrong, but it’s normal. Just like the expectation to attach your photo to your resume.

I don’t know what position teflone.com is asking you to take, but from what I can tell it may be an agency that is “free” for you but not free for the school where you end up working. That situation is not always ideal, especially when an agent takes a large percentage of your pay. That can result in a school mistakenly thinking that you are compensated well, so it expects you to do a lot of work in return. If I was in your position I’d contact teflone.com to confirm that they are not an agency before I went any further with them.