Tekken 5 (4, Tag, 3, 2, 1) Players

Who’s game? Is it possible for me to find any serious competition? It comes out in a few days in the US and I’m thinking about ordering the US version, but I don’t want to do it just to mop up a bunch of wanna be Tekken players (ahem Black Willy :laughing: ).

If there’s anyone that is/was a Tekken nutcase and would like to have a Tekken 5 session every now and then, I’ll go ahead and order it :smiley: (I’m just looking for a reason, I’ll probably get it anyway).

Tekken players. Where are you?
(OK, Willy. You can be a player too)

hey miltonkid do you play t6? I got ps3 t6…let’s play ! add me my sn is okaythen, what’s your sn? see you later