Tel No. To report smoking law abusers?

I am so sick to death of our front doorman who blatantly disregards everyone by smoking away indoors at his post. He sits in a narrow hallway where everyone who enters the building must pass. I hate the fact that I have made three official complaints to the building manager and have even resorted to shouting the guy down in front of others on two occasions including just five minutes ago. He is still insistent that he keeps smoking as I am the only one who has complained and so others must not find it offensive.

Can someone please just give me the number to call to report this abuse? I really wanted to cut the old guy some slack a while back by trying the proper in-house channel and even speaking politely, before I started ranting, but I’m afraid it really has come down to this.

In addition to the phone number, does anyone know if I must provide evidence of his smoking, or do they just issue a warning first or something?

The silly old fool can’t even afford a ten thousand NT fine should he end up getting one. I don’t know why he’s so insistent, or is there something that I am missing?

The number is 1999. They are supposed to come over and check out your complaint.

1999 is the number to report everything in Taibei. They’re pretty good at forwarding the info to the right agency and seeing that it gets acted upon. :thumbsup:

To be honest I don’t care about him paying a fine. If someone can frighten him into stopping, then that’s fine by me.

Thanks for the number chaps.

1999 will get you an investigation and forwarded to the proper agency. Then they will go to the complex (right!) and do an investigation. They will determine that they have “taken corrective action” and now things are solved. If this is a true problem, and you have tried through proper channels to complain and solve the problem, and then he is still doing it, you’re going to have to step up to the plate (sorry for the sport analogy) Walk up to him with a smile, rip the damned fag from his mouth and threaten to stuff down his sorry fucking throut. Be vicious, angry and mostly, make him lose face. Best done in front of a bunch of tenants.
Of course if Guido or Bubba is a good friend, wouldn’t hurt to have them nearby. My guess is this guy will run every time you get off the elevator.

Camera phone is your friend

Take a picture of the offender, and if you can get his name/ID number (probably hard unless he is a repeat offender that comes often) and forward that to the relevant agency. Or else print out that picture, and post a warning saying something like (in Chinese) “It is illegal to smoke indoors, violators will be fined up to 10,000nt, and we know who you are, and will report you next time you are smoking here” and put it outside around those areas. That should scare most people into compliance. Or else you can try forwarding those pictures to the police. If the person is a repeat offender (mostly in other things) the cops will know who he or she is. Don’t expect the government to enforce the law for you, but doing this should raise an awareness of some kind.

The act of getting out a camera and snapping pictures of the offending action will often scare most into compliance by the way…

Lighten up - he isn’t hurting anyone.

He might not actually be hurting anyone, but people on the first floor can often smell doorman smoke. You can even smell it if people smoke on their balconies. If they do it a lot it can be annoying to a non-smoker, I’m sure.

Smokers are the new lepers.
Why don’t we form a lynching party and make an example of him.

I think some you folks need to unwind with a refreshing beverage.

I suspect he’s insistent because he’s an addict. I fully empathize with you, I do – I hate smoke too – but I believe you may be asking him to either or break a decades-old physical addiction that he’s way too weak to break, or quit the only job he’s capable of. Either that or walk out to the sidewalk to smoke, but that may not be a realistic option while performing his duties and/or might mean a serious loss of face to do that as a result of the complaints of some whiney foreigner (no offense intended).

Yes, I enjoy a cigarette from time to time as much as he does I’m sure. The difference is I wouldn’t do it in an area that other people are using as their [enclosed] public space. I wouldn’t presume I could ever smoke in such an area. To me its just the same as lighting up in someone’s living room without even asking. I don’t begrudge him his smoking moments. He could just move ten feet outside and sit on the bench right beside the road and the front door.

I was given a number by the person at the other end of 1999: 0800 531 531
I spoke to a very nice sounding lady on the other end and she took my complaint details. She informs me that something will be done. She didn’t ask me for any evidence though. Hopefully they will just go and speak a few words to the man and that will be all that’s needed.

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