Tell me about RAM and HDD memory for my PC

I need more memory on my pc … I need more HD space - how much respectively (different memory sizes and diferent sizes HD) and where is my best bet to get it from …

As you can see - I am a PC dummy … just need some help please - why thank you much.

For a civilized bargain hunting experience, I suggest that you go to

Thanks - great help.

“Legal” as in illegal or as in really legal ?

Coz ofcourse todays youth pays for nothing

Doesnt matter if its legal or illegal/copied software. He was just saying that 256meg of ram with a 40gig hdd will fit your needs i think.

How passe to still be using illegal software. Now that I got GNU/Linux, I
don’t have to use any more illegal software. Also I am not
threatened by viruses arriving by email. Indeed, I don’t run any
“virus protection system.”

Anyway, if you’re interested then “do read up on it”, as I am not
really prepared to tell you what to do step by step.

Originally posted by stinkypuppy:

QUANTUM ATA100 30GB 7200 $2,900
WES DIGI ATA100 40GB 7200 $2,930
SEAGATE ATA100 40GB 7200 $3,050
SEAGATE ATA100 60GB 7200 $3,750

SDRAM 128 PC-133 $900
SDRAM 256 PC-133 $1,800

Your talking NT $'s eh ?