Tellus Theatre 2008 Greek Tragedy: Medea

Tellus Theatre 2008 Greek Tragedy: Medea

A Greek Tragedy with some very human touch from Daniel Ingi Petursson

According to old Greek Mythology, Medea, wife of Jason, was abandon. Because King of Corinth, Creon, offers to marry his daughter to Jason, and Medea with her two children have to immediately leave Jason once the marriage is done. Fill with hatred and jealousy, Medea seeks a perfect plan to revenge Jason and his young bride.

Show Time
9/20(Sat.) 15:00~17:00 ,19:00~21:00
9/21(Sun.) 15:00~17:00
9/27(Sat.) 15:00~17:00,19:00~21:00
9/28(Sun.) 15:00~17:00
B1 No.82, Ningbo W. St. , Jhongjheng District (Lan-De Restaurant)
(MRT CHK memorial hall and exit to Nan-men Market. go straight and you will find NingboW. St)

Ticket price: NT $350

what langage is it in? the original ancient Greek? greek with subtitles? english with Chinese subtitles? chinese with no subtitles?

You haven’t read Euripides until you’ve read it in the orginal Chinese.

Edit: I’d like to know what languages this is in too.

“Euripides trousers, i smacka you ina de head!”