Temp shite WTF?

Why is it that something like the “forumosa thread title mashup” thread which has nearly 300 contributions is in the temporary forum and shite like “where can I find a banana” with one answer is permanently indelible? Is this an information forum or a wankfest? Just asking.

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Oldsters use this place to chat about stupid crap. Newbs use it to ask stupid crap questions. The idea is that occasionally an Oldster will feel like answering a stupid Q occasionally. There’s an equilibrium to be kept, however, so that neither group gets too alienated and goes to do sthg more profitable, hence the Temping of stupid crap threads and the grouchy ‘Do a search’ replies. It’s all a system of balances. :bow:

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It depends.

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Christ, the profundity around here is astounding. Do people visit forumosa.com for information, a good chat or both?
If it’s for information, the lao bans and mods should be earning more.
If it’s for a good chat us mere contributors should show the requisite respect.
If it’s both, well, stop fucking temping me!

Neither. :bow:

It’s about 70% chat, 20% information, and 10% cat fight. It’s also mainly the product of those who participate in it.

Yep. And remember that some people choose to start their threads in temp.

Mr Maoman. I have the utmost respect for you and your website. :notworthy:
What I can’t fathom, however, is the arbitary temping.

You are the boss, and I accord you all due respect, but I fail to see the logic in some tempings. “Where the fuck can I find a banana” gets a single reply, but maintains it’s status as a legitimate enquiry. “I want to fuck your banana” gets 10000 hits and 500 replies, yet becomes temped.
Is forumosa.com an info source or a blathering channel?
A combination of the two?

Let me present an example: I start a legitimate thread about :blah: . In the :blah: forum. Someone who is fucking around goes to my thread with some :blah: . My thread could have had legitimacy, but because of the arbitary :blah: from some :cactus: , my thread is immediately temped. :ponder:

It’s just your post count, j. When I was at your postcount, I used to get angry and discouraged by the stuff I didn’t like here. Now I don’t much care. Just timewasting and procrastination while I’m at the screen. It can’t be what it isn’t.

It’s not arbitrary. If it’s stupid, “temporary” or “leading to nowhere good”, it gets temped. Who decides these things? The moderators. They know this community better than anyone, and know what is ok, and what isn’t.

At which point you the mod of the forum it got temped from, and cc me. If the mod agrees to take it back, I’ll throw it back to him/her to edit the crap out.

Thank you for your reply, kind Sir.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


I miss Jimi.

I hope he’s doing OK.


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oh yeah, now that you mention it, it has been a while!

I’ve not been in direct contact with him for a long time, but he looks OK on Facebook. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.


Maybe he’s been abducted and someone is posting on his FB to throw off the trail.

Surprising… he didn’t seem a FB kinda guy. He seemed aware enough to see through that crap.

@jimipresley is still around.
Just not as active as before.

He’s also bring less repressed. Maybe he good wiser with the age?
Thinking about that, @mad_masala gives me a vibe of a younger @jimipresley

Time changes but the repression remains! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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