Temperature changes

Hello all, I hail from Canada, came here to stay for the spring/summer. Recently, I have been feeling unwell with cold symptoms such as coughing, sneezing. Weirdest thing is that the lowest temperature here was 8 degrees, yet in Canada I’m cold free even if it hits -2 degrees! Is this just a cold or an allergic reaction? I don’t have the medical card so I can’t afford 1000~2000 bucks for a common cold. Any comments would be great!

well, there’s a flu going around, so it might be what’s causing the issue, and would have little to do with how cold it is. Since common cold isn’t curable, and medicine only relieves the symptoms, I’d say you can just save the money. Why can’t you get health insurance again?

It may be a combination of a cold with allergic reaction due to the heavy pollution in the air that your body is not accustomed to. Over time, the pollution may wear your immune system down, so you may find that you’re getting colds a lot more often and more severe here than back home. Same thing happened to me. A healthy lifestyle with nutritious food (veggies and fruit), sufficient rest and regular physical exercise helps to counter this.

Thanks guys, a month later and I’m still sick at least once a week, I’m chalking it up to pollution allergy.

Well, it’s not an allergy. it’s just an inflammatory reaction. You’ll never get better until you leave Taiwan and go back somewhere clean.

Wait til you get blocked sinuses and then pneumonia. I love Taiwan!