Temple Festivalws in Taiwan?


I have asked many people, and researched the net, but haven’t found any information on temple festivals. So I thought here would be a great place to ask!

I would like to attend some traditional temple festivals…you know… the colorful ones where people dress up in the gods’ costumes with the swinging arms. I used to see them in Taipei eighy years ago, but no longer see them.

Does anyone know of any websites or other resources that can tell me when a particular temple is having a festival, like celebrating a god’s birthday or some other event?

I’ve been down to Tainan and other places that are more traditional than Taipei, but wasn’t lucky enough to come across anything.

What I need is more concrete information like dates, and temple locations

If anyone can steer me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I once heard someone mention something called “Google”. :unamused:

Apparently, it’s as easy as one, two.

Yeah, you heard me.

The third url has to be manually typed into your address bar due to forumosa’s predilection for inserting alternative spellings into one’s posts. :fume:

Make sure you remove i[/i] when you type it in.
www2.kenyon.edu/Depts/Religion/F … rimage.htm

Actually, the 3rd is clickable.

But you’re too late for it this year, it ended last Sunday.

If you can read Chinese, check out this site: old-taiwan.as2.net/006/612.htm Apparently there is one from today until tomorrow! (The dates are in lunar calendar. Today is the 14th day of the third month in the lunar calendar) There is another festival on the 13th day of the fifth month (June 8th) and 20th day in the tenth month (Dec 10th)