Temple mural, crawl between legs=what famous event?

This is an odd question. I took this photo at the Bao-an Daoist temple right across the street from the Confucius Temple. This mural was on the side of the main, interior, front building.

What I am trying to find out, what event is this mural showing? It appears to be some scholar-warrior crawling between the legs of two blue collar working guys. Is it from some Chinese novel/legend/myth/historical event? The mural right next to it looks like a scene out of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and then around the corner is a large mural of Zhong Kui (the demon catcher).

Any ideas? It is not just idle temple curiosity, I am trying to fit the photo into an article I am doing.

Take care and thanks for whatever help folks can be.

Just out of idle curiosity, did you ask anyone in the temple?

It’s to illustrate the practical value of humility via a chengyu/saying, I think, with the story of a famous general named Hanxin who swallowed his pride when when he was young when once confronted by brigands on the road who said he could only pass by crawling between their legs.

What a demented culture that can’t distuinguish between humilty and humiliation. What’s the chenGyu? Maybe I need some humility.

A historical event, supposedly. It’s not an illustration of humility, but rather humiliation. The idiom is 胯下之辱 (kua4 xia4 zhi1 ru4), or literally, humiliation under the legs. 韓信 Han Xin is the crawling figure who endured humiliation for self preservation. This episode was a turning point in his life as he used it as motivation to improve himself, eventually becoming a general in the newly created Han Dynasty.

Hi folks,
T.C.,SJCMA, thanks for the insight. That story will work perfectly because it is for a martial arts magazine I am writing for. Thanks for taking the time to fill me in. Tempo Gain, I did not ask the temple attendant because he was, bless his heart, one of the “hyper-over-helpful” type of Taiwanese who once you asked him something, he felt it was his duty to guide you around the temple every step of the way. I am not mocking him, I simply did not want to impose on him a second time (I had already asked him about the temple’s UN site status—which he was super proud of.).

In any event thanks for the help.
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