Tempogain told me to come here.


Tempogain is currently engaging in maliciously manipulative deletion of my posts so as to misrepresent my position and allow me to be flamed for what I did not say. I’m perfectly willing to be flamed for what I did say, but this is another matter.

One lame excuse after another, and now I’m told to complain here. I don’t expect this to accomplish anything. I comply only to be completely above blame.

This is almost as shameful as what tempogain will not permit an honest discussion of, namely the many violent crimes committed by a certain group that gets a free pass. It is shameful because it perpetuates a culture that enables these violent crimes.

I am talking about rape and murder. I mean that strictly literally. Whoever is among those who will not permit discussion of how to stop rape and murder is complicit in rape and murder.

This is shameful, and reflects badly on Forumosa.


I’m not interesting in talking to you, tempogain. You have abused your power.


Nah mate, you are shameful and you reflect badly on Forumosa.

You’ve made your point repeatedly, we have no idea what you’re on about and it’s got nothing to do with us. You linked to exactly one article from 1989 and then infer that there is a mayhem of rape and murder by retards going on that we are complicit in because we do nothing to stop it.

Do you not see how this might be seen as the ravings of an unhinged person?

Give it a rest.


@rowland, I normally want to punch @tempogain in his face but in your case, a supporter of retarded rapists, I would ask your permanent ban.


But you weren’t. You were applying hateful, pejorative terms to an entire group of people, and asserting that that group of people should be all be treated very harshly, as if they were all guilty of a crime.

A little sensitivity is required when posting here. This is a big site with many people who may naturally have a negative reaction to such posting, and we don’t want that. If you don’t get that, you don’t, but you’ll have to get your head around it if you want to post here.

I’m not either, believe me. But it’s an entirely reasonable use of my power IMO. Please remember that this is a moderated site, and we state that quite openly.


I think moderations by @tempogain are reasonable most time.


The Power of Tempogain.


Reckon rowland just needs his hinges oiling a bit. Maybe it’s been a while.


He’s getting it the wrong way round, anyway. People with intellectual disabilities are more likely to be victims of sexual violence.

I guess that means the rest of us will need to be locked up.


Damn. ANOTHER thread about this nonsense to mute?!


And yet … I was pleasantly surprised that nobody had a screaming fit about the thread. Nobody had a meltdown and said they’d had their flashbacks triggered. All the reactions were either just taking the piss, or a desultory discussion around the topic.

However daft or ‘hateful’ rowland’s ideas might be, I’m not sure if they need censoring unless he starts actually foaming at the mouth. Daft ideas are easier to debate and put to rest than subtly unpleasant ones with a basis in truth.


The fact @tempogain hasn’t banned your crazy ass yet, @rowland , demonstrates how much restraint he has. This is a very fairly moderated site.


I think placing the daft idea threads in temp suffices. I remember a few years back there was a long discussion between a couple of conspiracy theorists about the 9/11 attacks which was amusing but placed in temp. I recall one chap putting forward a theory that American secret agents abseiled down the towers dropping explosives through windows.


Yeah, that would be my take. Sometimes these things can be quite entertaining.


OK, and what did the crazy conspiracy theorists say happened?


I’m starting to put two and two together here. We may finally know what happened.


I don’t think any clear or consistent conclusions were reached. It was a big conspiracy though and was, predictably, down to the Jews. I think that was the point at which the thread got shut down.


Tempogain is flat out lying. None of you even know what my actual position was because of tempogain’s gaslighting by selective deletion.

This is a very, very dangerous form of editorial abuse.


You say something against tempogain his opinion and he deletes it. it’s been like this here forever. And this fellow mods jump on the bandwagon, and try to stirr up some interest for this unrelevant website that nobody actually cares about the opinion of a handfull of people…


My opinion of Forumosa isn’t quite as low as yours… yet.