Tennis, beers and cheaptalking anyone

Ok, just bought the racket, got my pet beagle to chase down the balls, now all I need now are a couple more people so my mate and I can play a bit of doubles. Saturday arvos, a few coldies, bit of cheaptalking, some erratic first serves, t-shirts off, sunnies on, chinese passerbyes watching the impressive flukes. Sounds like a good day out to me. I haven’t had a hit for over 2 years, so I’m no champion, but when I rush the net I’m at times ominious. If anyone doesn’t mind a whack, give me a reply and let the cheaptalking begin.

Where you thinking of playing? Id be interested if its in Tienmu/Peitou area.


Panda, we’re easy, but there’s a nice place just off the Chung Cheng bridge as you veer off to Shidta…Next to the river.

hi all,

i’m looking for someone to hit with. i’m a club level player, whatever that means. email or call 0911 328 711. i live near warner village and work by Chung Hsiao and Tun Hua.


alexhyleung, am always keen for a whack. Drop me a pm if you reckon the above location is convenient. Not too far. Get off at Tingshi on the MRT. Anyway, if you’re intersted let us know.

Amos, quite out of shape but in for a hit and the Zong Zheng’s good for me…but don’t you have to be a member at that joint?


Huangy, you’re thinking of the one that’s fenced off. You can pay to play there and they’ll supply the aggots, but I’m talking about the other side of the river. Like another 500m up the road. There really are courts everywhere there. I definately know of 9 that are there. And they’re ALWAYS empty.

By the way, I’m not in the best shape of my life either. Most of my trip back home last month was spent at pubs eating bar meals. Or doing a bakery crawl due a pastry deficiency caused by living here.

Cheers, Amos.