Tennis racquets

Does anyone know where I may purchase affordable and reasonably priced Tennis raquets in Taipei. I went to one store apposite taida Uni in Kungkuan and boy where they expensive. Priced from NT5000-NT8000 for a decent raquet. The raquets here are so expensive compared to australia. They had a Prince Prescision Response the modal that Pat rafter uses for NT7500, which I also purchased in Australia for AU200, which I didn’t bring :frowning: (which works out to be under NT4000). I cannot understand why they are so expensive? So has anyone bought a Tennis raquet here in taipei at a good store with affordable prices? Also is stringing included in the costs of the raquet? Any suggestions appreciated.

Possably tennis is still an elite sports in Taiwan hence the expensive prices.

Here in San Xia (Taipei County) I found a few affordable ones though but I don’t know what you are looking for.

Stringing is included when you buy a badminton racquet, so I think it’s included with a tennis racquet too.

I think Taipei is generally more expensive.

Try Costco. I bought a good HEAD tennis racket for less than 2k just a couple of months ago. :sunglasses:

I bought a nice Prince racquet for around nt$3000 over a year ago at a little shop in Tien Mu on Shi4 Dong1 Lu4. It’s on the south side of the road just to the west (about 50-100 m’s) of Zhong1 Cheng2 Lu4 (on the southeast corner is Takashimaya, a large deparment store; on the northeast is the Tien Mu baseball stadium; on the northwest is Starbucks; on the southeast is a convenience store). You can take a free Takashimaya bus from the Chientan station (1 south of Shih Lin?).

I’ll update this post with the model when I get home… I think that the string was included, but I’ve had to have it & another racquet restrung since then & the price varied between nt$500 & nt$800 which included the stringing (I think that they had others as cheap as nt$300).

They don’t speak English at the shop, but they were nice & helpful.

I’ll definately check that place out in Tien Mu. I’ll also appreciate the modal of the raquet you purchased. Thanks Matthew
Maoman, what Head raquet model did you get for NT2000. Did you see Heads’ Ti Radical or i.Radical OS there at Costco? What’s the address of Costco?

there is a Costco in Neihu, just south of MinQuan E. Rd (after you cross the river) and north of RTMart, and one in XiZhi at the corner of XinTaiWu Rd and whatever NanGang Rd turns into…

The head model at Costco is a non descriptive model, not a good racket. The rackets are about 30% overpriced here. Some of the Prince rackets are very low priced overseas and I dont think the price can compare here for same model. Best deal here are the Head copy rackets of Is6, Is12…etc. A shop on Jong SHan N rd. sec 1 has the best selection on copy rackets including some good deals on Wilson rackets. I believe they can give you demos to try out too.

1st, you’re quite welcome :slight_smile:

2nd, I stopped by the store this evening & got a few prices for you in case you can find them somewhere else/online to compare:

wilson ultra 7.3 nt$3700
wilson elite titanium nt$1900
prince cts synergy db 24 nt$2000
There were also a Babolat & Yonex and several other wilson models…

They have a good selection of tennis shoes, as well as other kinds of sport shoes…

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Those were the good ole’ days :wink:

I think Yonex is a Taiwan brand and if look at the prices of their high end models, I think it is cheaper here than outside of Taiwan.

hi all,

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Gongguang. Friend just bought a wilson with some new technology, round cylinder things on the side of his racket. Cost him $NT5,200. Didn’t help him too much though,. If you take off the last three digits of that price, that’d be how many times I broke him in the first set. :unamused: