Is there anyone who wants to play tennis on Sun. ?

I’m always looking for new weekend tennis partners…if anyone wants to play in the tennis courts near Chengchi University, private message me.

Where is Chengchi Univ?

It is located at No.64, Zhi-nan Road Section 2, Wen-shan District, Taipei.

MRT: Whichever MRT station you are, always look for the Green Line (HsinTian to DanHsui) and/or the Brown Line (Zoo to ChungShan Middle School). These two MRT lines can take you to NCCU

Green Line: Take the Green Line and get off at Chingmei station. The MRT shuttle bus Brown 3 can take you to NCCU.

Brown Line: Take the Brown Line and get off at the last stop, Taipei Zoo. Across the street from the station, you can find the MRT shuttle bus Brown 3, Green 1, and Hsin-Hsin Bus 236 and 237 that can take you to NCCU.

We play alot of doubles out at Lotus Hill in Shijr. If anyone wants to come
here to play or just hit around, let me know. I also play in Peitou once
a week.

If we can get a group of people interested, I’d really like to organize a Forumosa Tennis Ladder. I think we would need more than 10 people to get it up and running. These are a rough guide to what how “tennis ladders” are organized.

I think we would be lucky to get 4 players together for doubles rather than find 10 players on Forumosa. With all the foreigners living at lotus Hill, there is only 2 of them who even play tennis including me.

I’m interested in either singles or doubles- I’m in Ximen but willing to travel to Beitou if there are actually nice courts to play on and serious players to play with. When and where?

The Peitou gig is every thurs afternoon inside a secure military compound playing with officers and such. I couldn’t bring you in there as I am invited there to play with them.

You are welcome to come to Lotus Hill and play doubles with us though. We are 4.5 USPTR rated players. If you are at least 4.0 then welcome. In Lotus Hill, we play sunday afternoon and tues, weds and saturday nights.

I’m very interested in playing some tennis in Taipei. I have just been relocated to Taipei and have yet to find any partners to play with. I used to play 2 or 3 times a week when I was based in HK but it seems like fewer people play tennis here. I’m near Mingshen Rd and San Ming Rd but willing to travel. Please PM me if you want to play.

Anyone want to play on Sundays at TienMu Tennis park next to the stadium then PM me. Small fee for the courts but the’re good.