Terrible handwriting :(

My handwritng sucks!

I am left handed, which is no excuse. But after talking with a student today, I’ve decided to try and improve it. The thing is, my Chinese handwriting is good (It has to be otherwise I couldn’t understand it!) But I think because we are taught the left to right, top to bottom rule, I pay attention to it. My English handwriting however, is poor.

I recently watched Bruce Wills in a movie and noticed he is a leftie too. He held the pen in a very unusual manner, almost curving his hand over the top of the words. I push the pen from below and at quite an acute angle (I think the ink doesn’t flow well this way!). So I’ve been “doing the Brucie” to see if I can achieve better results.

I Googled “Improving handwriting” and got 0 results. I did manage to find one out of print book :imp: and kids worksheets. But, what I’m looking for is practical advice about pen holding, style, size of letters etc. as well as worksheets. I get nevous everytime I sit and write things that other people have to read. I love writing, but would like to cure the nervousness created by lack of writing confidence.

My whiteboard style of writing is good (can’t draw!), because it has to be legible for young learners, but frankly I’m embarrassed by my “Who killed the spider on the page?” style.

Anyone have any ideas?

Muchos gracias.

who needs to write by hand these days? isn’t that what computers are for?

Do what I do. Switch regularly between cursive and printing script. It keeps you and your students on their toes.

Erhu, that is exactly my point! I’ve spent too many years in an industry where writing legibly wasn’t really necessary. Now, I spend a lot of time handwriting and would like to do something about it.

:help: me cure the spider poo!


L :smiley:

My younger brother has this problem too, his script looks like an army of ants have crawled across his page. He just started university and is really bothered about his legibility in exams and stuff, he’s a natural leftie but my mum ‘made’ him write right-handed, (something about bad luck and problems with left to right english etc.) and for a while his teachers thought he was dyslexic. The counsellor said to get hold of one of those old style cursive textbooks and practice, practice and practice on tracing paper.

Go google “Cursive Writing”!

EDIT: Or here,and here!

As far as I know, the “Brucie” is a technique that becomes necessary (or has developed) when “lefties” use a pen designed for “normal” right-handed writing, note how the pen tends to be in the same or similar position/angle that way. Have you tried buying a left-hand fountain pen (e.g.) and, rather than imitating the right-handed position, mirror it? Other than that: practice, practice, practice … :wink:

What’s up with people’s google searching skills?

The Left-handed Writers Page
Rosemary West’s Left-Handed World

I searched with: left handed writing

if you’re curious.

Left and right handed pens? I’m 36, left handed and have never heard of such a thing. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just wondering why anybody would need such a thing, if indeed it exists.

The only impliment I have ever bought specifically because it was left handed was a tin opener, but actually I was so used to using a right handed one, back to front and twisted up, that the left handed one seemed so strange I never used it.

The only slightly annoying thing for me is using right handed scissors with moulded plastic handles which dig into my thumb.

I see after reading ‘the left handed writers page’ that there are preferred pens for left handers.

How ever did I cope all these years.

Scissors are also available for “lefties”, don’t know whether here in Taiwan though …

:notworthy: Miltownkid you have just won a bucket of smelly dou fu and a months’ supply of tasty chicken feet for that last link! :laughing:

Thanks, it has helped me and answered many questions. Believe it or not as a kid I was forced to use a fountain pen at school. Time to practise and get neat…it has only taken 30 odd years to get this far. From all accounts the “Brucie” seems a bad sytle to emulate, lefties take note!

Xpet- as for right handed scissors, mmmmm :fume: