Terrible service here!

My roomate is loosing it…

She ordered more than NT$ 10 000 worth of HGH vitamins online. Used her credit card(which she never does) and thought that DHL could be trusted.

Sure, DHL arrived at our flat a couple of days later. The dude asked me to make a photo copy of her passport to prove that she lives here…then the product will arrive. (It was already in Taiwan) BUT he didn’t ask her phone number. A week or so later, we find a note on our mailbox asking her to call a number. She calls, and a guy named Kenny apologizes for their screw-up. They did come here, but we weren’t home, and didn’t have our number to call. So the vitamins were , according to Kenny, held in customs, and will take a while longer to arrive at our doorstep. He said he will call but didn’t.

So today, seeing that we are both home, I’m sick and she is only home on Tuesday afternoons for a few hours, she calls Kenny. Kenny isn’t there, so another girl explains to me that the package was returned to the USA, because nobody claimed it.

I explained to her that it was DHL’s mistake, and they even TOLD us that it was their mistake, usually people just keep quiet. SOOOOO she asks another guy to call us back. Albert, this time, says that it is impossible to get the package back. Sorry. So I get a little pissy, and Roomie is jumping through the roof screaming about her waiting to buy this product since she was 18, bla bla blaaa, hard-earned money…yadda yadda. A month of research, a special DEAL, that if you dont like the product that you can send it back(within 2 months) and be reimbursed. Also, only in April, when she bought it, there was a special where you pay half-price AND an extra gift.

Soo, what is happening now? Albert was convinced to get the package sent here again. The reason they say, why they sent it back, is that it costs NT$ 200 a day, for the package being unclaimed. But it still doesn’t sound right to me…we need to get some kind of a certificate (because it’s medicine) etc etc.

Now kids…this is AMERICAN $400 we are talking about. You cant just say, oops, couldnt reach them…send it back. Really, they didnt even CALL us with this information. Do they really think people just ‘forget’ about packages???

This is what I hate about Taiwan. I’M always the person calling back. MY MONEY, their mistake. One night, we were waiting for cable people…we were already waiting for 2 weeks…some problem with our internet and TV. We sat around waiting for an hour. Cancelling anything we wanted to do that night…just in case. So I call them, and they apologized for forgetting. BUT it is already 9pm on a Friday. (we are only home on Friday nights…work most of the other nights) We have to wait one more week. Sorry…bye.

Hahahah, I threatened to go to the company and sort it out. And I told them, if they can’t be here within 1 hour, a news station will. The guy knocked on our door after 11pm.

So, why this whole…sorry, too bad, get over it. I called the cable company about 7 times that week. This costs money!! What can one do to get ANY type of service around here???

Welcome to the land of “cha bu duo.”

Sorry to hear about the troubles. In the future, if possible, I would suggest that you have DHL or other such deliveries sent to your place of work. I receive 2 magazine subscriptions from the States each week at my office and I’ve never had any trouble because there is always someone here from 9-6.

don’t blame taiwan for DHL’s screw up … i have found them to be incompetent all over the place.

That’s what you got to do right away, if they won’t come, go to their office and stir some shit. They’ll be there and you are customer #1.

They hate to lose face.

The problem with most Taiwanese customers is that they just let it go … wroooong … stir the shit … it will change the service quality.

Sometimes (if not often) you have to push to get what you want done. It takes a bit of skill and occasional forceful/aggressive behavior, but you really can make the wheels grind if you push hard enough. An alternative to that is the Nagging Technique. Waste their time and make them nuts by calling every day.

Just a couple of techniques I’ve learned from the locals. :sunglasses:

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I had a friend who was mad at the way an expensive pen was shipped via DHL. After calling and yelling at the idiot xiaojie customer service rep, she received a series of strange prank phone calls in the middle of the night for a few weeks. I would avoid DHL.

I’m the vexed; AKA Most Disgruntled Customer of the year.

I just got back from a course I give to a student of mine. He said there is indeed a branch of Government in Taiwan that deals with Customer Rights; called Customer’s Foundation (02)2700 1234 (toll free! :-). Closely translated to English Phonics it reads Shiau Gi Huay. I will give DHL one more week to resolve this, and then threaten dealing with Shiau Gi Huay if they don’t show desire for competency. My student said it’s a great way to get rusty wheels turning in the cutomer’s direction.

yep, DHL is terrible. used it once. never again.

I used DHL once. Took a week and a half to get a package once it arrived at their warehouse in Nei-Hu to my place…in NeiHu. :astonished:

I really wouldn’t blame Taiwan… The same s*** happens back home. In my town back home the lame-a** cable company is Rogers, and the people who like to screw with my mail is Purolator. Don’t take it out on Taiwan, but listen to these other guys… They have the right idea.

Good luck! :wink:

DHL is historically known as a ‘messenger’ service. I have used their services all over the world for sending and receiving large envelope (read files/paper) parcels. They have been very good at this. This is what their business plan was designed around.

Of late, they have expanded into the small package/box area and just do not have the expertise to perform at a service level we have come to expect fron the likes of Fed-X and UPS.

For small boxes and small parcels to Taiwan I have, so far, had good results with US Mail Parcel and a Deutsches company. Even Fed-X has been spotty here (Tainan).

Now…about the legality of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) here on Taiwan…? Interesting… :slight_smile:

It gets better.

Albert told me to call the U.S.A. I REALLY didn’t want to, so I went to the DHL headquarters myself. Spoke to the manager there, who agreed that I shouldn’t have to call the U.S.A. They will transfer the case to someone else, and that person will call me first thing the next morning. He also told me that the parcel is in the U.S.A, customs is keeping it.

Luckily my friend decided to call the U.S.A, who told her that unfortunately the package will be sent back to the original company. The original company is hard to get a hold of…

Wow, and can you believe it…never heard from DHL after my visit. Nice…nice NICE.