Terror attack in New Jersey?

They’re keeping pretty tight-lipped about this, I get the feeling it was a deliberate terrorist attack that thankfully was interrupted before it could come to full fruition.


I was wondering about this. Sad for the victims. Relieved further bloodshed was avoided.

Well, not quite what I was thinking but accurate perhaps

Holy shit the Black Isrealites. Those are the whackos who were baiting people in the DC incident with the MAGA-hat wearing student and the Indian activist.

Still terrorism, just not the Islamic radical type.

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It certainly seems so.

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Extreme Hotep terrorism. That’s what that is.


This happened under 10 minutes from my house. There were SWAT teams all over the roads and everyone in our neighborhood was instructed to remain indoors.

The shootings happened in a Kosher deli and According to mayor Stephen Fulop It was a targeted attack. Pipe bombs were found and the standoff between cops and the shooters lasted over an hour, with residents shooting videos on their iphones.


Glad you’re okay!


A reminder:

Oh well, if ‘News Busters’ said it… :roll_eyes:



Linked from Bitchute because apparently that video is hate speech by youtube standards and therefore cannot be shared.

As a reminder, im sitting here 10 minutes away from where this occurred. My community in the real world is shaken by this incident.

I really dont need to be reminded that newsbusters is garbage today. Some well wishes, a nice gift. Coffee will be fine.


We (general sense) have become so desensitized to violence up to this present point that it’s shits and giggles to many.


Having had the misfortune of being in NYC on 9/11, and near the Boston Marathon during the bombings there in 2013, I know what you’re feeling all too well.


I was on the corner of Houston and w broadway on 9 11. This somehow feels gloomier because its a little more mundane and less movie like. People are so fed up w the guns and overall atmosphere of fear that creates.

That area is a growing community of orthodox Jews who are in increasing number saying they feel unsafe to identify themselves.

Respect to the cops that gave their lives to stoo this and also the mayor of Jersey City Stephen Fulop is handling it well. The Greenville area where this happened is full of guns and drugs.

The great cost of this era is the normalization of violence and these events are happening way too often.


I don’t know them, but it looked like a long list of quotes from an apologist article. Did they quote something wrong?

Didn’t even read this yesterday on social media. I guess that’s how often mass shootings happen.

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More likely it’s down to how prevalent anti-Semitism has become in the Democrat party. Not in your social media because inconvenient to narrative.

Certainly I’ve never noticed the slightest hesitation by social media to expound on public shootings otherwise.

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This is the Jersey City mayor, on social media.