Terrorist attack in Norway

Ugh. Sickening. [quote=“BBC”]
At least 85 people died when a gunman opened fire at an island youth camp in Norway, hours after a bombing in the capital Oslo killed seven, police say.

Police have charged a 32-year-old Norwegian man over both attacks.

The man dressed as a police officer was arrested on tiny Utoeya island after an hour-long shooting spree.[/quote]Apparently a neo-Nazi associated with conservative Christian groups. Captured alive.

I think there was something lost in translation there…
He’s a right wing supporter that’s anti-islam, but there hasn’t been anything said about him being affiliated with neo-nazi’s or any christian groups, although he’s apparently a conservative christian according to one Norwegian website. It’s still not clear if he acted on his own or if more people were involved, although there are some local news posts suggesting he had help on the island. They also found additional explosives on the island after he was captured.

Actually, they just reported that another person has been arrested that’s said to be involved, although it’s not clear as to what extent, but he was armed with a knife at the time of the arrest.

Sounds a little more like a highly unbalanced individual rather than a terrorist. He chose an island where a summer camp of more than 500 teenagers was happening and posed as a police officer before having them gather, opening fire and killing 85…Not much on the bomb as of yet, but they seem to think he was responsible for both…


Anders Behring Breivik, 32

No, he’s not a (neo?) ‘nazi’. He admires two anti nazis: Max Manus and Winston Churchill.
See if you can make some sense of his document.no postings though:

Also he’s a Freemason which will keep the conspiracy nuts busy for years.

It’s a shame as Norway is a fantastic place. Sad sad news indeed

This is extremely disturbing. I’ve been following it all day and am just shocked and saddened by the scale of the massacre.

A quote from comedian Chris Rock comes to mind:

No, I’m not afraid of Al Quaida, I’m afraid of Al Cracker.

Lots of images here, some graphic.

When is a terrorist who murders more than 80 people for ideological reasons not a terrorist?

The wing of peace and compassion strikes again.

Emerging info on the bastard.[quote=“BBC”]Anders Behring Breivik, the 32-year-old suspect in Friday’s attacks in Norway, held right-wing views, say police.

Police chief Sveinung Sponheim said his internet postings “suggest that he has some political traits directed toward the right, and anti-Muslim views”.

“But whether that was a motivation for the actual act remains to be seen,” he told Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

Mr Breivik appears to have created entries on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, though the accounts were set up just days ago on 17 July.

On the Facebook page attributed to him, he describes himself as a Christian and a conservative. The Facebook page is no longer available but it also listed interests such as bodybuilding and freemasonry.

A Twitter account attributed to the suspect has also emerged but it only has one post, which is a quote from philosopher John Stuart Mill: “One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests.”

In a post in Norwegian in an online forum on December 2009, a user named Anders Behring Breivik claims there is not one country where Muslims have peacefully lived with non-Muslims, stating that instead it has had “catastrophic consequences” for non-Muslims.

Mr Breivik was a member of a Swedish neo-Nazi internet forum called Nordisk, according to Expo, a Swedish group monitoring far-right activity.

Police say they are investigating whether there was a second attacker, as witness statements appear to suggest.

And so it begins… :unamused:

This is a sick act by a deranged individual. It remains to be seen what his motives were in doing this and who, if any, his accomplices might be.
It going to take some time to sift through this and see what the facts actually are. He had registered an “organic vegetable” business recently which gave him access to fertilizer. Important ingredient in IED devices. His weapons, so far as is known, appear to be legally his by the laws in Norway. There was some discussion of additional weapons found that might violate some laws, but I have not seen more comments on this.

My prayers for the victims and their families.

[quote=“Askr”]Anders Behring Breivik, 32

Also he’s a Freemason which will keep the conspiracy nuts busy for years.


Alex Jones, as usual, is first in the conspiracy nut line. Probably blaming America and the Jews again. :raspberry:

When he’s simply a deranged lunatic?

No, I guess not. Someone who kills scores of innocent civilians, including specifically targeting lots of young children, in order to make a point, is by definition both a terrorist and a deranged lunatic.

Such massacres can’t possibly be deemed rational or logical, no matter how dire one believes the underlying motivation may be; they are by definition acts of lunacy. Likewise, there’s no question it was a terrorist act.

kids who weren’t even old enough to vote. :cry:

If anyone is interested, here is Norway Shooter’s 1500 Page Manifesto
[i]"This is purported to be a manifesto by Anders Behring Breivik, translated to English and posted by Doug Saunders. In it, Breivik discusses his views on multiculturalism, political correctness, Islam, bomb making among other things.

It is a disturbing insight into the mind of a political terrorist."[/i]

Plus some updated info on the situation.

He is not a nazi and in fact he is very pro israel. He is anti-muslim and against multiculturalism.
He acted alone.

Read his 1400 page manifesto (download as a PDF):
sharepdfbooks.com/3TZOU0V52W … e.pdf.html

Once you download the manifesto you will see that it is most certainly his. It could only have been written by the attacker.
Very, very detailed.

Some interesting things in there.
He has a attached a diary at the end which gives incredible detail into how he went about his plan.
Also details about his family:

[quote]My half sister, Elisabeth was infected by chlamydia after having more than 40 sexual
partners (more than 15 Chippendales’ strippers who are known to be bearers of various
diseases). Her chlamydia went untreated and she became one of several million US/
European women who were suffering from PID, Pelvic inflammatory disease caused by
untreated gonorrhea and chlamydia which leads to infertility. As she lives in the US, costs
relating to this were not covered by the state. She and her husband spent 40 000-50 000
USD on two IVF treatments (in vitriol fertilisation) a process by which egg cells are
fertilised by sperm outside the womb. She was lucky compared to many as these
treatments may cost upwards of 100 000 USD. [/quote]

[quote]My mother was infected by genital herpes by her boyfriend (my stepfather), Tore, when
she was 48. Tore, who was a captain in the Norwegian Army, had more than 500 sexual
partners and my mother knew this but suffered from lack of good judgement and moral
due to several factors (media – glorification of certain stereotypes being one).
Unfortunately for her, her poor judgment resulted in her being afflicted by genital herpes.
In addition to this, the herpes infection went to her brain and caused meningitis (this
condition is usually rare and occurs in less than 1% of herpes infected individuals). As a
result of this brain infection, which prevented the spinal fluid from flowing freely, she had
to operate a shunt into her brain as the herpes attacks occurred regularly. She was
forced into early retirement as a result and her life quality has been significantly reduces
since, and she now has the intellectual capacity of a 10 year old. Her STD has not only
cause her much hardships, but it has also cost her and the state up to 1 million Euro.

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]If anyone is interested, here is Norway Shooter’s 1500 Page Manifesto
[i]"This is purported to be a manifesto by Anders Behring Breivik, translated to English and posted by Doug Saunders. .[/quote]

Actually it was written in English.

A bit more about the terrorist:

The Political Thinking of Anders Behring Breivik
“These are the collected writings of Anders Behring Breivik, accused of killing more than 84 young people at a Labour Party gathering in Norway and at least seven in a car bombing in Oslo. These are comments he posted on the right-wing site document.no Thanks to my Norwegian friends for translating this.”
An assemblage of his internet postings.

This site also contains the 1518 page “manifesto”…
[i]"This is the 1500-page manifesto published hours before the terrorist acts by Breivik. Its title is 2083: A European Declaration of Independence and it is being discussed on Twitter under the #N2083 hashtag. It is written under an Anglicization of Breivik’s name, and the day-by-day diary of bomb-building and shooting-plotting toward the end makes it almost certain that it is his work (the document is a very precise description of his crime).

The manifesto draws on “Eurabia” and “Muslim Tide” writers such as Bruce Bawer, Melanie Phillips, Mark Steyn, Geert Wilders, Theodore Dalrymple, and Robert Spencer, as well as many figures from the extreme right, to create an argument that Muslims, immigrants, multiculturalists, European Union backers and social democrats are part of a plot to undermine Europe’s Christian civilization. It then draws on the extreme right, the ideas of al Qaeda and other terrorist groups (which he admires) to describe and rationalize a plot which almost exactly matches his activities on July 22, 2011."[/i]

Why is it that insane killers always seem to have “manifestoes”? I guess we should be on the lookout for anyone who writes a manifesto.

Apparently he’s admitted to the shootings and the bomb in Oslo and according to the news papers it “was a necessity” for him to do what he did, despite it being cruel…
Supposedly it’s something he’d been planning for quite some time, but there’s still a lot of details missing, even though he’s been talking to quite some extend about his manifest.
By now there’s a total of 92 confirmed deaths.