Terry Gou for President?


Eh walls of what where…?

Anyways, future looks dim here in Taiwan.



Buy gold and hide it in the walls. old school style.



BBC went straight for the headline grab :rofl:

Forget the headline that the prime supplier of Apple iPhone is the same person.



Time to start planning the escape






Seems clear the KMT masterplan is to return the island to China. In returns for seats at the big Chinese shindigs i suppose.

Guo has over a million chinese workers in China and regularly flies his bizjet directly across the taiwan straits from Taichung to his Mainland factories. He is the only person allowed to directly cross the center line into and back from China.

Nobody can be as successful as him in China without the backing of the CCP.

China realized that it can not conquer Taiwan by force with the US standing by. The US is ok with TAiwan allying itself with China “peacefully” if it wishes. But not militarily. Therefore Guo is China’s trojan horse.

Send him in, make him President. Have a lot of high level visits with him in China. For example, he cannot just visit his factories in China now if he is president.

And China will not any Taiwan president to visit as Taiwan president.

So he will not be able to visit his china factories as president. Maybe they will allow him to sneak in as a private citizen.

I think hes being told by China what to do. To keep his China factories humming.

OR, like many other people who have achieved great financial success. Its not enough. They now need more power.

Never fails does it.

Trump had enough money to stay out of politics but he wanted to be President. Good thing to add to his resume.

Bernie wants to be President before he dies. And hes getting too old to be President. Do we really want a state funeral if he dies in office?

Politics is a mess.

Everyone wants to rule the world indeed.



It’s been looking dim for a while , but more in a fatalistic , wishy washy and greedy attitude of much of the population .
The KMT seem absolutely intent on selling Taiwan out and they have evolved far beyond MYJs strategy with CCP backing.

Gou spending his own money on the campaign?
Isn’t that convenient. And he won’t be compensated by the CCP handsomely when he makes the right noises ? Come onnnn…

I am of the view we need to negotiate some kind of deal with China. But you need a strong leader to lead negotiations not this lot of sell outs. They keep undermining Taiwan.

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No need. They will guarantee the bank accounts and the pensions etc. Small change really. Taiwan has massive foreign reserves and industrial power.
Many banks in Taiwan effectively were started before Japanese times.



Do you really think Beijing would respect the terms of a negotiated deal?

I totally agree though about the sell-outs scrambling to get in line with the KMT.


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I don’t know but with KMT lackies scrambling to sell us out it’s better to have a more trustworthy leader to deal with China.
As long as Taiwan holds onto it’s own armed forces and autonomous government then a lot can be talked about .



Qing Dynasty banking in Taiwan? Certainly there was capital flowing with the trade of tea, camphor, etc. I did not know that many banks got started then.




Yes indeed. Tsai is by no means universally loved here, but I sure as hell trust her more than those other guys to not sell this place out!




Well yes the county banks are owned by those local trading families who mostly got started back then. Some already had banks operating like the Koos.
Of course the land and farmers banks might have been Japanese times or KMT.



DPP need someone stronger than Tsai to go against Terry.



I was speaking about handling the national security file while governing. I maintain that Tsai is the strongest smartest figure to do so right now under the current circumstances.

Campaigning is another issue. We’ll see what happens!


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This is not from :tangerine:-man’s twitter account, but still funny.

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Wouldn’t be the first amoral thieving and murdering megalomaniac we had running this place. :idunno:



Guys, he’s the Goddess Emperor. Elections are over, we can only hope the government/army will not allow him to transform Taiwan in Hong Kong 2.0.




Are there any checks and balances in Taiwanese law &/or governmental bureaucracy which exist to halt the so-called sale of Taiwan to China?