Terry Gou for President?

Don’t kid yourself. He did it for a tax break.

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He did it because he lost his first wife (I think) to this disease. If it helps people—including our beloved forumosan @Dragonbones —then good!

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Yeah people are not 100% bad

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Actually people are.

He still did it for a tax break first and foremost.

Tell it to @Dragonbones .

In an ideal world, no one would need such treatment. But in the world as it actually exists, that facility is actually helping people we know. Guo deserves credit for this, even as it’s clear he would—for heaps of reasons discussed above—be an awful president.


I prefer billionaires building cancer wards as vanity projects/Tax dodges than Social media sites



We missed your energy

Yes. That’s exactly the type of young people I know who are Ko supporters, who used to be KMT supporters until it became unpopular.

All DPP supporters I know would never vote for Ko.

There are like seven young people in Taiwan who were kmt supporters, usually rich kids or peoples whose parents are civil servants who got their pensions taken away

Yes, the young KMT supporters I know are all rich kids. Do you think there are only seven rich kids in Taiwan? There’s a lot more wealthy people in Taiwan than you think.

I think there are a lot of rich kids in Taiwan but most of the young people voting Ko are that they think who will be better for the average person than the kmt and dpp.

Young ex kmt supporters is a minor demographic

I agree. Gou is better than Musk but he still did it for a tax break, not because he was interested in helping anyone.

How do you know?

Which billionaire donates money because they care? They all do it for tax breaks. You don’t become a billionaire by caring about people.

You might not want to. lol

The more pro Taiwan as an entity in general. Isee it as in various realms here when the other party wins they redo the books.

What I am worried most about with a Chinese KMT president or Guo, like ma, he will make us more and more reliant on Chinese trade. this really has made issues and Tsai gets blamed, despite doing.g a fairly decent job on economy and.exports given the chinese setup provided by Ma (reliance). outside of that, we as a country have made progress in being recognized more and more as not china. Still far too little far too late. But this Tsai administration has done a fairly good job of holding strong without doing anything to actively cause reasonable distress (albiet china gets butt hurt if the wind blows the wrong way). Her administration has played carefully and made progress in regards to cooperating with other countries and playing the slow game of winning minds and beliefs, we need another few decades of this.

I am betting on Chinese KMT undoing quite a lot of this and letting the global commuting just sitting back again and letting.china run the show. This scares me more than most other political issues here.

More on Terry Guo’s VP candidate Tammy Lai. Because two of her degrees are from the PRC, and because she didn’t bother to have them checked or notarized as needed, it looks like the highest education that will be listed for her is “Junior High School Graduate.” :person_facepalming:


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don’t look down on, 看不起, junior high school graduates.
you’re just a diploma-ist

Nah, I am in this instance a no-preparation-ist.

Or a no-due-diligence-ist.

It just shows yet again how impulsive Guo can be, at least in the political sphere—with no due diligence, and apparently no advance preparation.


  1. Apparently, Gou’s campaign did not know who the candidate was nor that she had US nationality until the last minute.

  2. The complete lack of due diligence and even communication is typically Gou.

  3. Gou is “99.99” sure that Lai will be able to relinquish in time.

  4. AIT’s website says 4-6 months. A couple of prominent Taiwanese have shared their experience that it takes 1-3 months.

  5. She has 70 days. It seems possible to me that she might make it especially if AIT/State facilitates the application.

  6. I hope they do. The longer the Terry Gou circus goes on, the more likely it is that one of the adults in the campaign will win. In practice, that means Lai, because Hou just doesn’t seem to be exciting or even reassuring anyone.

  7. Gou doesn’t care if she can’t relinquish. It will give him an excellent excuse to get off stage by blaming the nefarious Americans. He can continue to enjoy the attention if she does relinquish. It’s a win-win!

  8. Lai’s nomination is historic. She is Amerasian. She was abandoned by her biological American father and brought up by her mother who is from Shulin and worked in a chemical factory to support them. Most people from this background who remained in Taiwan have had hard lives. Her nomination is big step forward for Taiwan because it shows the many ‘New Taiwanese’ that they too can reach the top of Taiwanese society.