TESCO in Taoyuan announcement

TESCO in Taoyuan now stocks Sour Cream, Cottage Cheese, New Cheeses and more deli meats. The prices are high…129 for a small container of sour cream. They have some new “Italian salami” that I’d like to try, maybe next time.

Cheers, I only wish that Tesco would stock more western items in Taipei City. They appear to be Welcome in disguise!
Has anybody got their email address?

jasons at the 101 much better than any of the Tesco stores!

Why not have an “Open Supermarket Thread” so everyone can discuss pro-dooss? Seriously, a good way to spread the word on the ever-increasing availability of imported goodies…Anyone?

broon ale, seriously if you are looking for imported food and want to be absolutely certain the expiry date is the one shown on the package then jasons is the place to go. Not cheap but whenever we go there, we find more items that we missed so much in the 9 years since we got here.

Breeze is much better than Jason’s.

I agree, especially regarding beer selection.

Where is Breeze?

North-east corner of Civic Boulevard and Fuhsing N. Rd. Entrances not right on the corner, but walk a few meters in either direction and you’ll hit one. The supermarket is in the basement. Good, but the imports are pricey.


CK is correct… Breeze is pricey. But, I think its selection is much better than Jason’s and not only for beer (but especially for beer). Their meats and cheese selection is better, IMO. Not only is the selection better, but I think the produce is better as well.

I also prefer the layout of the grocery store at Breeze… it seems much more logical.

I’ll second that, tigerman. The produce is fresh and the store is user-friendly. Besides, all good things come at a price, especially when you’re talking about cheese in Taipei!


The under statement of the year! Breeze must be twinned with Harrods!
Its cheaper to eat in an overpriced western fake pub.

Tesco in Taoyuan is a dream destination for you, Jonah as it is not in The Zone which means you’d have to get a bus which means paying the bus fare which means spending money…

Tesco in Taoyuan now also stocks pork ribs.Its not as good as a nice steak,but its real good for a BBQ.Go to the butcher and ask him for (pie koo) Its chinese for pork ribs.tell him how u would like him to cut it,because they chop it up into little pieces for hotpot or something.Tesco seems to get better every month and its always funny to see the chinese people reactions if u buy food for the month(maybe 6 or 7 bags)They think you are crazy.I learned another great sentence in chinese.If they look at what you are buying,tell them ‘kan se ma kan’.It means "what the f… are you looking at.OK,Im not so sure about the f… part,but they sure dont like it if you tell them kan se ma kan and they wont look at you again.

Does Tesco also stock koo pie?

green alert:

Environmentalists target Tesco’s

Friends of the Earth has launched a blistering attack on
Tesco, accusing the supermarket giant of “unfair and
unethical trading practices”

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