Can anyone tell me where Tesco is, and what it’s like? No membership right? Thanks Amos.

There’s only one right? I went to one in the basement of Tai Mall in Taoyuan.

Cheap and relaxing (if you don’t like driving on the freeway) way there is to take an airport shuttle from one of the hotels. Something like NT50 and it stops right in front of the mall. Nothing special about the mall but there’s a Dave and Buster’s (too smoky and noisy but still fun if you like video games). Tesco is in the basement and you don’t need membership because we’ve picked up a few things, no problem.


That Tesco is gone, closed. :frowning: But hey, they opened a new store closer to Taoyuan. :smiley: I don’t know the exact address but you need to go of the #2 freeway at the Taoyuan exit (toward Taoyuan) and keep driving for maybe 1-2 km. Anyway, it’s marked on a big sign at the first or second traffic light. It should be possible to reach it from the #1 freeway, exit Nan Kan(g) (the green Evergreen building and B&Q), and driving toward Taoyuan city. I was there last week. They’ve a lot of cheeses but way too expensive. Parking is free of charge though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Always wanted to visit, but never quite got around to it … anyone know what the opening hours are?

I hope that the one in Zhongli will have the same opening hours, because the selection of jams beat 7-11 hands down.

If you drive down from Taipei, you get off at the nankan interchange, turn left toward taoyuan, turn right down Jingguo road (first bigger road on your right hand side) and it will be to your left after 1-2 kilometers. I think they have put some signs up.

I have managed to buy groceries at 1 am once, however there were not that many people in the store at that time :?: . I think they have a sign stating that they are counting money from 4-5 AM, so you can’t check out at that time. :cry:

There’s some more info on Tesco here, including a reaction from Tesco in the UK:


Where is/was Taimall? I always go to the Tesco in the basement of a big shopping area that’s opposite a large hospital. I thought that was Taimall, but I guess not, because I was there last weekend and the basement Tesco was well and truly open.

OK sandi, you need some help from a true expert.

Tescos new flagship store is oppostite min sheng hospital. The building is white. Most of the shopping space is Tesco. Parking is for free.

If you drive from that building toward the freeway nankan intersection (north up Jingguo rd) turn left when Jingguo road ends and drive straight for 2 kilometers, you will see a huge mall looking like a fake medieval castle. That is Taimall, possible one of the largest malls in Asia. There are lots of shops inside. Moreover, their cinemas are good. So is Dave & Busters. :smiley: Too bad parking is a bit expensive. :cry:

:slight_smile: Recently got to know both Tai Mall and Tesco.

Regarding Tai Mall it wasn’t that bad. Parking for 4 hours 90 NTS. Prices were oK. I even managed to find shoes which is normally impossible for my feet (Size 11).

Regarding Tesco, I have to admit I was a bit dissapointed, I was hoping for more expat food, however I think its better that Cosco and Carryfour. Prices were also OK.

A new Tesco is due to open in July in Taipei: San Min Road, between Min Chuan E. Rd and Min Sheng E. Rd. (Sec. 5) :smiley:

Not only that, but if you take a look around at http://www.taiwanho.com, there’s a form there where you can select items you’d like them to stock and it gets forwarded to the store management. Of course, I won’t be giving Tesco any of MY business as I think they’re a bunch of shyster fucker shit-eating scumbags.

Excellent argumentation, I think everyone can follow your reasoning! :?

Not an argument, Rascal. A fact of life. Last time I trailed all the way down to Taoyuan on the VERY FIRST DAY of what was supposed to be a SEVEN-DAY special offer – Philips D711 DVD players for NT$1,999. All gone. No mention of the offer being “while stocks last.” But they did try the old bait and switch trick. "Well, those ones have all gone, but here’s one (shitty no-name local brand) for NT$2,999 – no discount. I fired off an angry letter to Tesco UK, who apologised profusely, even though the Taiwan Tesco is managed by Taiwanese fuckwits and nothing to do with the main Tesco. They were mightily pissed off by their name being tarnished with such shoddy, cheapskate scamsters. I sure as hell won’t shop there any more.

Why are so many people bad mouthing Tesco ?? Of course its frustrating and dissapointing when you find that a brit grocery chain isn’t stocked with most brit products. But!!! like everyone, they have to turn a profit on an Island with 20 Mill chinese and a few expats. What would you sell - “Fish and Chips” ?

This Tesco is better than no Tesco

Come on, local management, but you can still get beer, cheap electronics, cheese etc there.

Moreover, hear what they did to me once: I was checking out and had bought 3 cartoons of smokes, which I promptly forgot at the checkout. When I found out, I called them and told them about it. They told me to get back and pick up my merchandise. I went and left with my smokes. They are not that bad. chill out, peace.

Chill out? Oh, I’m chilled and at peace. But you know what they say: “Scam me once, more fool you. Scam me twice, more fool me.”

The shoddy, cheapskate scamster side of the operation is the Evergreen Group’s contribution!

Evergreen is trying to run their show as a poor imitation of Maersk. Tesco still isn’t too bad in my view.

Tesco comes to Taipei! :smiley:

Woooooooohoooooo, but where the feck is Sanmin Road?