Tesla Wins Bid for Taiwan Military’s Electric Vehicle Fleet

Interesting developments. There is no forum for Taiwan military.


so, it’ll be hacked like other Teslas by ChiComms.
Taiwan military is so stupid.


Built in Shanghai I assume?


I’m sure the military never took that precaution.

So to be fair, even Boeing has a separate defense division while operating in China. I assume Tesla is going to do the same.

Wouldn’t the first and most prudent thing to do when invading a country would be cutting electricity supplies by attacking distribution infrastructure and maybe an EMP?
Wouldn’t it me smarter to keep gasoline-powered engines and possibly make them able to take alternative kinds of fuel like old cooking oil and bio waste?


I don’t understand why either.

Although I don’t know how easily a EMP can weaponized in large scale war. It’s like saying what’s the point if they can just bomb us. They still need to put the bomb in a strategic place without bombing themselves.

Even Lockheed Martin has contracts in China. Boeing operates in China as well. But they still do US defense contracts in a separate defense division.

yes, it is smarter, but Taiwan’s military ain’t that

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Are there actually any strategic benefits to having electric vehicles?

Honestly surprised that most people here are against this.

They don’t seem to be intended for military use. They need cars for peacetime.


Complicated parts that are protected by copy rights and patents.
You probably won’t see a MacGyver solution that traditional mechanics usually do.
Incidentally, you do know that American farmers are choosing older tractors and farm equipment over the new stuff? The reason is the new equipment is protected by the digital millennium copyright act and the farmers are forbidden to service their own equipment.
Even if it’s a repair that they could handle, they have to pay some guy to come over and unbrick it.
We are really going too far with technology.
For advanced space age weapons that compliment not replace traditional weapons, OK.
But for the basics like keeping an airplane in the air or a vehicle moving, it should be able to run without advanced technology. That a jet crashed due to a software issue and actually fought the pilots is too much.


Honestly, I do support the right to repair.
For average users, when expensive tech breaks down, manufacturers generally advise the user to buy a new device or pay a costly fee for repair (Apple for example), if Right To Repair is passed, companies would have to provide parts for independent repairs or the user themselves.


Look up Linus Tech and watch his experiences with repairing apple. Plus, he’s fun and addicting to watch.


You mean the Mac Pro repair with Louis Rossmann? I can recall that.

No, I mean Linus Tech. He does a very entertaining computer technology series. In this video he has trouble with Apple… and insubsequent videos Apple has been getting better at allowing personal upgrades of their equipment and he acknowledges that.

I’m aware, was referring to this.

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I wasn’t… Thanx

With a blockade gasoline will be impossible to get. You can store just so much and storage facilities can be targeted.
Hard to block sunshine, if they get solar powered charging stations.

Maintenance is the other thing. Electric cars don’t need oil changes and have much fewer moving part that can break.
Taiwan actually produces some electric parts/motors for Tesla vehicles.