TESOL in Taiwan


Did you know there is a TESOL chapter here in Taiwan? It’s part of ETA (English Teachers Association?), but it seems to cater mostly to public school teachers. I’d been here 3 years before I even heard of ETA. The only reason that I did hear about it is that a neighboring English text development office receives their notices and I happened to see one. Big publishers (Oxford, Cambridge) periodically offer free trainings for promotion, but again, the average bushiban teacher never hears of them.

Would you be interested in finding out about more inter-school events such as training sessions and conferences? If there were some sort of association that could help “connect” the bushiban teachers, would you be interested in joining? in helping out? Or is there a group out there already there I haven’t run into yet?


What you’re talking about doesn’t exist, as far as I know.
This years ETA conference will be in association with PAC, and entitled 4th Pan Asia Conference and Eleventh International Symposium and Book Fair on English Teaching

Unfortunately, it is too late to submit abstracts for this event if you’re considering presenting a paper or giving a workshop. That means their deadline is three months earlier this year than usual (probably due to the PanAsian dimension).

Sometimes the British Council organises events, such as this one:
The Use of Project Work in Teaching English

You just have to keep your eyes open. But I agree there should be some sort of group formed regarding both teachers rights, and educational issues.