TESOL + what to teach legally?

I’ve searched the archives and the web for this question, but haven’t been able to come up with any solid answers.

Generally a University degree is required by the Ministry of Education to get a work permit to teach legally. Some people seem to suggest that if someone has a TESOL, they might not need a ful degree. So my question is, if someone has a TESOL Certificate, what further qualifications do they need, to teach legally in Taiwan?

I also couldn’t find any contact number for the section of the Ministry of Education which deals with this. I can ring them up and ask for some answers if anyone has a contact number.


Why not try submitting the TESOL diploma to the MOE when applying for the work permit?

I have HEARD that you can use a 2-year “junior college” degree if you have the tesol certificate. don’t know for sure though.

If you do not have a 4-year university degree from an accredited university and still want to teach in Taiwan, The Ministry of Education will accept a two-year diploma from an accredited college or university PLUS Tesol or equivalent. I know this without a doubt in my mind.