I hope I am posting this in the right area… :s

My husband and I are coming to Taiwan in September and was wondering about TESOL certification. I am not sure what is acceptable. I have called the Taiwanese Embassy in Toronto and was unable to get clarity. Can I just do a $300 online TESOL course or do I need to do the $1200 in class course? Do you have any recommendations on courses?
Some extra info. and questions:
I have a 3 year college diploma, but my husband does not have a diploma or degree. Would my husband be able to get an ARC?
Is there opportunity to teach art as well as English?


IMO, You’d be better off doing an in-class course as an on-line course won’t prepare you for an actual class. I’m doing Teach International’s course which is mostly online but has a one week in-class component at the moment but as it’s based in Australia and New Zealand, it’s probably not what you’re really looking for.

I’m also looking at turning my diploma into an ARC. This requires a TESOL. I know everyone on this board goes on about in class experience and how on-line courses don’t offer this etc. What I really want to know is someone who has used their diploma with a TESOL regardless of it’s type. Do online ones work?

Since when? Maybe some places are asking for the TESOL cert now, but all that’s required is a passport from an approved country and a Bachelor’s degree.

You are correct. Which is why I stated “diploma” I do not hold a 4 year degree.

You are also correct, if you hold a Passport from an English speaking country and a degree you qualify automatically for a work ARC.

Thanks everyone.

Yes, thegoat, I am also wondering if anyone has used an online TESOL cert instead of the in-class TESOL.

Not picking on anyone here, but I always wonder about online degrees.

I often wonder if you were the customer (e.g. student) would you feel comfortable having someone teach you anything from a course that had no practical component?

I’m not sure I would be happy with it. YMMV

The online qualifications are an expensive way of getting a buxiban job that you would have got anyway.

Silly wabbit, he doesn’t have a degree and he’s asking about the work permit, not job. He’s wondering if his online thingy and a diploma meets the regulations or not: I think Americans with ‘Associate Degrees’ and ‘TESOL certification’ can still apply for work permits. He wants to know if the authorities will accept his diploma as equivalent to an associates degree (excuse me, I don’t know the difference, or equivalency) and his online thing as TESOL certification. He’s not asking whether it’s pointless, he’s asking whether the powers that be care.