Test Forum

Would it be possible to setup a “Test Forum” where people can learn to post photos, use quotes, different font styles etc?

I use the ‘preview’ button for that. If it doesn’t work, I try again, or I don’t press submit.

I do too…but some people seem to have difficulties with the “preview” concept. :unamused: A “Test Forum” would be for them to practice and ask for help. If they don’t, then we can [color=red]flame[/color] them without mercy. :smiling_imp: :laughing:

Why can’t people practice in the flounder forum? It’s not permanent (everything there expires after 30 days.)

Change the name to Test and Flounder Forum? Or Flounder and Test Forum? :wink:

How about trial and error? :wink:

Great name! I like it! :laughing:

It would be good to have a Help section in the Flounder (trial and Error, whatever!) forum to teach newbies and dummies like me who don’t know how to post pictures from other sites, as well as other stuff.

I needed to ask a fellow forumosan how to put different font size, colors and links in my signature (i’m a techno-dunce, I admit), and how to embed links. It woud have been great to have had a simple Help/FAQ section to help me do that.