You’ll find the Hello Kitty g-strings on the middle shelf between the Hello Kitty kindergarten book bags and the Hello Kitty toddler toothbrushes.

You are a sad sad man. She doesn’t live in Song shan, does she?

You should be able to find Hello Kitty stuff everywhere, e.g. bookstores, stationary shops, department stores etc.

If you’re in the area, you might want to check out the lanes around Gongguan Night market and the respective part of Tingzhou b[/b] Road. I think I’ve seen a number of stores with this kind of japanese stuff there. The area around Shida might also be worth a look.


There is a shop in one of the alleys of the former Shilin night market. Can’t miss it …

Rascal recommends:

There’s a well-stocked Hello Kitty place on Nanjing E Road sec 2 just before you reach the Nanjing-Fuxing intersection. It’s right next to the KFC.

Another Hello Kitty store at Chunghsiao East,S.4, Lane 147 (just east of Tunhua)

[quote]…my girlfriend is crazy about Hello Kitty so I’d like to buy her a Hello Kitty g-string…keep us both happy! [/quote] This should keep her happy at least.

The is decent sized store on Tienmu West Rd, opp Mac D.