Just found a nice one. But, what are they for??? What’s the point?


Just saw that feature this morning and was astonished to see that no-one has flooded mine with ringing endorsements and sycophantic ass-kissing. Still, its only a matter of time. :wink:
Actually, I think its just Gus fiddling around with mods and hacks, as is his wont.

Yup, that’s right. Actually, this testimonial feature was suggested long ago by a moderator as a more effective “member rating” method. I stumbled across this modification last week while browsing for a fix for the new search function.

The thinking goes – since this is an online community, then each of us are accountable to one another. If you something a members wrote or did really impresses you, then let’s have it directly connected to a member’s profile.

I need to figure out how to work in the “delete” feature, since I figure we all should be able to choose what testimonials to keep, shouldn’t we? So until then, consider this new feature a BETA.