Testing Mail system

Ahhh, this mail system test is overloading my hotmail account. I just got 20 or more emails in the last minute.

Tally is now at 150 new messages in my inbox.

Should I turn off notifications now?

You are getting all of the back notifications that have queued up. Sorry. PM me your hotmail account and I will see if I can kill delivery to you.

Bassman–are you still getting overwhelmed? (Feiren)

Tetsing mail system–please ignore.


I just got 376 in my email inbox. Please kill the email notifications for me too.

Are you still getting them?

Boys, check out this thread… : forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.php?t=12965.

Perhaps the two threads can me merged. I got almost 200 notifications myself. It helped remembering a few places I forgot I had posted.

I only got a few. :frowning:

People–I think you are getting the backlog of notifications that built up while the mail system was down. This flood of notifications should be a one-time nuisance. But do let me know if you keep getting them. Thanks.

Just got four more. And in my “Profile” the receive email notifications is checked “No.”

Hi, are you getting Topic Reply Notifications or are you getting mail from the Majordomo lists. If you’re not sure, please paste a copy of what you are getting. And please pm me your email address.

I got the test email I just sent myself, plus the notification to say I sent it.

Nothing else, but I had notifications turned off.

I would class this as a success. Thank you, and :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: to feiren for sorting it out.

My lights are turning on and off and the vacuum cleaner started up on its own. :astonished:

For god’s sake, sort this mess out soon! :raspberry:

Stray: Do you have something to report or are you just wasting my time?

I have something to report: A severe sense of humour breakdown. :unamused: