Testing, testing -- juan, tooth, rhee


so the lights went out at 10:30 am?

The elastic band must have broken.

The hamster got tired, put a new one in the wheel.

Why was forumosa not online most of today? What happened?

It was either the Chicoms of the Jeffcoms. Somebody’s definitely out to get Forumosa.

Gus saw my post re: The Onion and forced everyone to go back to work.


[quote=“chodofu”]Gus saw my post re: The Onion and forced everyone to go back to work.


Okay, I was wrong, it was the Choucoms.

Choucoms of the world unite! Put down this cheap hakkasonic, bourgoise, propaganda. But first get me a dictionary.


The webhost we use – www.dreamhost.com – flipped out. I expect them to explain what happened shortly (they’re a great webhost :slight_smile:) – I’ll let you know when I do

[quote=“This JUST in, DreamHost”]Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 04:43:24 -0700 (PDT)

The following is a Downtime announcement, sent 2003-10-01 02:16:25.

You are receiving it via email because it is level 5 and
your account is set to get announcements of that level via email.
You can change that by visiting our web panel’s announcement
area at: panel.dreamhost.com/?tab=status&subtab=announce

Attention all DreamHost customers,

Happy Birthday To Us! Due to a problem renewing our dreamhost.com domain registration, it lapsed today.

This means that until the root DNS servers update showing dreamhost.com as being renewed, all dreamhost.com subdomains will be down.

We have already put up a working copy of the Web Panel at …

We also have a working email box for support. This is …

Because DNS is a decentralized system, these problems will sporadically affect all of you, but sometimes in different ways.


See, I told you they’d be updating us :slight_smile:

As you can guess, Forumosa.com is actually a sub-domain. This was originally set up as segue.com.tw
(I really ought to get account organization thing straightened out once and for all)

You’d think they’d apologise for their fuck-up ?!!!

More to the point, you’d expect a 404 that says “the site you want is offline because the owner didn’t pay his bill,” not the website you are trying to access is “temporarily unavailable.” :shock:

Or 404. Plese come back later, we are busy cleaning our servers of all that Forumosan smack talk.


At least they admitted it was their fault, instead of blaming another company, China, or SARS.