My former partner is coming over, and she has got job here in TPE. I am excited to see her. Anyways, she is concerned because she just spent a couple months in Cambodia, and she had a bit of fun. She was formerly teaching in Korea, and they performed testing during the medical check. I am not sure if TW tests or not. I know some countries are requiring foreign workers to submit to both blood and hair follicle testing. Does TW test during the medical check?

Most schools will. As long as “a bit of fun” doesn’t mean HIV, I don’t think it will be a big problem… But I may be wrong.

To gain an ARC she will need a medical check here. A drug test is part of that. Blood and urine samples are required, hair is not (unless that’s something new).

Hair follicle testing is pretty standard in Western countries for employment. Most of my North American friends do not even stop their drug use for the medical tests here in Taiwan. They justify this to their employers by stating that the drugs that are considered illicit here in Taiwan are not in parts of North America. I do not think that there is any obligation for hospital to report to Taiwan’s Government regarding the findings on the tests with the exception of HIV and Hep C. Drug use is pretty rampant on the island, and there are a lot of foreigners and locals who party here regularly.

I would agree that there is a high level of drug use in young people in Taiwan: it’s far more prevalent than when I was at university in the UK.

However, your info is nonsense. The authorities will not issue work permits to overseas teachers with positive drug tests!

Hair follicle testing is not standard in western countries.