Testosterone - bring with me?

So I’m visiting fairly soon for a few weeks and I’m on a low dose test cruise / self administered TRT.

I understand testosterone is a grey area while on the ground (might / might not need a doctor’s prescription to get it), but what about at airport security / customs?

Was thinking of bringing a couple of 1ml vials of Test E or Sustanon with me, for personal use during my visit.

I won’t have a doctor’s prescription for the testosterone, will customs get all excited and throw the book at me?

Anyone else bring juice into the country strictly for personal use in small amounts?

I didn’t realize testosterone has those effects!

I always bring my testosterone with me in my “carry-on sack.” Thankfully, customs has never inspected it. :sunglasses:


Do you even bro, bro?

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Well played sir!

At your age I wouldn’t mess with that stuff. You’re young and should have plenty of natural

Doctors in Taiwan are fairly good at rewriting prescriptions that were written by doctors in other countries.



  1. Non-prescription drugs, if total quantity not exceeding 36 bottles/boxes (12 bottles/boxes each), are allowed to be brought in for personal use.
  2. Prescription drugs, if no prescription(or a supporting document), are allowed to be brought in with the amount of up to 2 months use.
  3. A total of 12 items of Chinese medicine herbs( 1 kg each), and Chinese medicines with total quantity not more than 36 bottles/boxes (12 bottles/boxes each) may be brought in.
  4. Medicines carried must be declared. Any quantity in excess of the limits allowed may be returned abroad. If undeclared, such excess portion shall be confiscated and passengers carrying forbidden medicines shall be dealt with according to law.

Thanks for this, it’s a good find.

I’m going to go for it and carry a couple of 1ml vials with me.

I don’t have a prescription but I do have a medical information sheet that I’ll show.

I’ll report back in a couple of weeks, assuming I’m not locked up in a cell somewhere :+1:

I’m early 40’s?

Had loads of natty testosterone up until about 36/37 years old. Then it fell off a cliff.

Wish I had started TRT much earlier tbh but I only just started last year.

Makes a huge positive difference to energy levels, focus and mental clarity, libido and erection quality, gym gains and fat loss. Would recommend to any guys 35 plus, low sensible dosages.

So I guess one could go to a Mexican pharmacy in Mexico, buy some Aderall or Xanax, and bring in 2 months worth?

when you include plane tix, that’s a pretty peso

I agree, I know a few guys on it 35+ and love it. There is a taboo with taking testosterone because it’s an anabolic androgenic steroid. But TRT is about replacing your testosterone levels to what a healthy young male in your 20s would be and all the benefits you enjoy with that. Not putting a bunch of steroids in you to get you to prepare for mr. olympia. What the right dose for you is up to you and the doctor.

Low testosterone is actually pretty unhealthy and is linked to health issues as well.

I should probably add to this topic that, although I’m administering my own TRT, I would recommend going through a doctor if that is an option for you.

The doctor will monitor your blood work, keep your estrogen, RBC, lipids etc in check, show you correct injection technique and determine frequency of injection. You’ll get prescribed the best quality pharmaceutical grade testosterone, with known dosage and no other nasty impurity surprises.

The only reason I’m going it alone is because the UK is very backward in terms of TRT for older men. It’s fine if you are an older female and want HRT (that’s given out like sweeties for free through our NHS) but if you are a guy wanting optimised hormone levels and a better quality of life then forget about it. There’s a deeper conversation why it is that way here, but let’s keep that for another day!

If you have symptoms of low testosterone, go see a doctor first and get some blood work done. TRT via a doctor is by far the best option if it is available to you. I’ll be getting some hormone blood panels done privately while in Taiwan.

It’s only about 100 pounds to get the grand daddy blood test that checks for everything.

Most small clinics will have a poster of all the available options hanging on the wall.


In the name of science I went through the red section of customs and declared my Testosterone (5 x 1ml vials) and Arimidex (half a dozen tablets) a few hours ago.

I had the product information sheets out of the boxes and put them in a clear plastic bag with the drugs.

The lady at the red section took a look at them and didn’t have a clue what they were, didn’t bother to open or read the product information sheets, and just generally couldn’t be arsed. I was literally the only person presenting myself at the items to be declared section, with everyone else streaming through the green nothing to declare section.

I’m not sure it’s a conclusive experiment that you can bring Testosterone in (without a prescription) without too much hassle. I might have just got an easy pass today.

I’d say the rules clearly allow medicine without prescription and it’s worth declaring the items through red section rather than going through nothing to declare and getting a fine/ taken off you / sent to prison.

I had the immigration rules regarding declaring medicine printed out ready to be challenged, but alas I got the I really can’t be arsed with any of this today agent.

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Reminds me of a trip I made back to Taiwan in 2017, from the US. I had 1L bottle of scotch I’d picked up in duty free, and so of course I headed straight to the declared desk where a male agent stood with his hands crossed in front of him. I put my backpack down on the desk and announced that I had a 1L bottle of whisky to declare. This is what you do in the US, and then you just hope it’s not going to be a big hassle.

Guy just stared at me for a long second, and then said in English “If it’s only 1 liter it’s allowed. Don’t come over here. You can exit over there.” He nodded to his right. He didn’t even uncross his hands. I felt like an idiot. I didn’t even get the box out of my bag.

That’s the last time I even bothered (although I’ve never brought in anything over or illegal).

I never care in Taiwan unless it’s food products or narcotics.

The US care a lot. I always bring 1 cartons of cigarettes into the US from duty free and one time I brought two. The customs agent asked me if I brought anything and I said 1 carton. I think he knew I brought 2 but let me go with the way kind of smirked.

Good for you. Very risky, you never know what could happen. If they wanted they could probably detain you long enough to ruin your day and then fine you an obscene amount, plus confiscate at least one carton (if not both).

CBP has Federal jurisdiction, but my experience has been that agents range from very nice (Dallas) to borderline sociopathic (Atlanta). Be careful.

Yeah, that’s why I didn’t do I again. I don’t smoke, it’s usually a gift. So it’s not even for me.